Got Married, Changed last name… regret it… help?

Long story short… I got married on June 30, 2015. Changed my last name to his. Is there any way that I can possibly change it to be hyphenated? As in my last name-his last name?

Sure. You can change your last name to ANYTHING (with few exceptions). You may not be able to do it free of charge, but you can ask. Contact the Clerk of Court’s office and find out what you need to do.

You get one shot to do it for free now you will have to go to court to get a legal name change

You can legally change your name to anything you like, as long as its not for illegal purposes. Check with your state offices and they will tell you how to do it.

imho, forget the hyphen and change back to your original name if you want. or go for broke and start a new chapter in your life with a fresh new name.

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