If Hillary or Obama becomes president how long do you think it will be before the economy turns around?

Considering there would be a Democratic president, Democratic congress and Democratic senate.

How do you think the illegal alien problem will be solved?

If, under Hillary, U.S. citizens will be forced to buy health care and penalized if they do not comply, how will Hillary, Obama, Congress ensure illegal…

Economy will turn for the worse as soon as they increase taxes on all but the very poorest.
The illegal problem will not change.
Our troops will stay in- they will spin it to look like its the republicans fault but they will stay.
No, we won’t be safer- Look how it was when Jimmy Carter was in office. It took a republican president to free our hostages.

1) Just before the next Republican Administration so they can take ALL the credit for it.

2) I don’t think that problem will be resolved until the Democrats seize a 2/3 +1 majority in the senate.

3) They’ll have to lock up all of us, citizen and not for being too poor to buy food AND health insurance. But I think that proposal is for people making over $75,000/year.

4a) Can’t do it. (b) Like the tax credits Bush paid out for people to buy Hummers? Probably not. Hybrids are just not good for the economy (read big oil and big 3)

5a) To leave Iraq relativly stabe? another 7-10 years. (b) Don’t really know what about Iran. They’re still pissed at us for overthrowing their democratically elected government in 1953 and putting the shah’s son in power and keeping him there until 1979.

6) Do I realistically think that spying on the American public to sort out who’s blue from who’s red has made ME safer? I’m not convinced that terrorism is a bigger threat to me personally than being killed by a swarm of killer bees. It has been the policy of this administation to polarize the American public as much as possible. And their “anti-terrorism policies have been created for that end.

Hello there,
Many of the problems that you are discussing are what is known as intractable problems. These are problems that can be solved in theory but not in reality. The solutions that both Hillary and Obama are proposing are new ideas for how we will solve the problems. There is no miracle fix for Illegal Aliens that will have the problem solved in 9 months, same with healthcare and everything else. It will take time and testing to figure out what works the best of their ideas and what doesn’t. So I guess I would say the full four years. All I know is that if we continue on the same for another four years we will be in trouble.

I think that it will take a while before the economy will turn around. They have to root out a lot of the corruption in the government that is wasting billions of dollars every year and get us out of this war so we stop wasting tax payer dollars there. I also think that they should decrease our dependence on foreign oil by expanding public transportation modalities such as subway, rail etc. Although Europe is more closely put together I think that the US cities could take an example from the European syle of public transport. We also need to adress preditory lending and we need to make it so people with bad credit don’t get loans.

As a life-long Republican, it will be fun for me to sit back and watch what happens if we have Democratic control of the government. It will be like watching an eight-year train wreck.

It’s going to take a lot of work and sacrifice to turn the economy around. Hillary is our best bet.

My religion does not permit me to buy insurance of any kind.

We view the purchasing of insurance as ” gambling against the will of God “. How can someone like me comply with Hillary’s plan. Will she seriously force something on me and others of my faith that goes against everything we believe?

The day after the election and before she’s sworn in the economy will make a miraculous rebound.

Not until the government falls due to crash of the currency, and we start over.

Same with McCain, though.

Only Ron Paul would bring a different answer.

it might improve if Hillary gets in. But Obama would just turn our economy into another Great Depression. He would turn America into a third world country with his raised capital gain tax.

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