Indian girl dating a Chinese guy. Does this relationship have any future?

I’m an exchange student from india studying in europe and my boyfriend is second generation chinese. we’ve known each other for around 4-5 months and just started going out recently. Hes the only guy i met who shares the same opinions as i do and is very stable, committed and extremely sweet. We get along…

My Indian friend married a Chinese guy. Exactly same problem. But he convinced them somehow. Give his parents ‘good girl’. Show them you are interested in Chinese culture..

Dating Chinese Guys

I say it will only work if you guys care about each other, and are there for each other. The parents on the other hand are a different issue, and if you stay together you guys are going to have to deal with them maybe changing their views or not. But do not let that bother you if your boyfriend is strong and can handle his parents opposition to you because later on things might change (may take slow with parents like that) and might eventually just accept it someday. If they don’t just live your life. I know it sounds weird, but I’m black and I had the same problem with my ex’s parents (he was Taiwanese and Filipino). We did not break up because of his parents, but till this day he still continues to date black girls and tells his parents it’s his life even if they don’t like his preferences. So I’m trying to tell you don’t worry too much about the parents and more on your relationship, yes they matter to a certain point, but you can’t let them affect your relationship with your boyfriend if you guys are there for each other. So I wish you the best of luck, and hope you prove them wrong.

I say it’s going to most powerful work for those who happen to guys care about each different, and are there for every different. The mother and father however are a different challenge, and when you keep together you guys are going to ought to control them probably changing their views or not. Nevertheless don’t let that predicament you if your boyfriend is amazing and may just manage his mothers and fathers opposition to you when you consider that in a at the same time matters could trade (could take gradual with parents like that) and would ultimately quite simply take delivery of it in the future. If they don’t simply reside your existence. I comprehend it sounds bizarre, nonetheless i’m black and that i had the same drawback with my ex’s mother and father (he was Taiwanese and Filipino). We did not smash up given that of his parents, however until in this day and age he still continues up to now black women and tells his mum and dad it may be his life although they do not like his preferences. So i’m looking to inform you don’t worry an excessive amount of regarding the mothers and fathers and extra in your relationship, definite they topic to a specified factor, however you are not ready to let them impact your relationship along along with your boyfriend in the event you guys are there for each exceptional. So I wish you the great of excellent fortune, and hope you show them mistaken.

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Chinese consider Indians as low class Nggr as bad as Africans

Chinese dont like dark skin people

They call Indians as Acha which means low class darkie

His family will not accept you until you convert

If you like Mongoloid people, why not an Indian Tibetan Buddhist or Nepalese Hindu or Assamese Hindu

His parents will certainly not be happy, and I doubt yours will be either.

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