Moms, do you agree with this quote from Bill Cosby regarding raising children?

“In spite of the six thousand manuals on child raising in the bookstores, child raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck — and, of course, courage.”~ Bill Cosby

Do you agree? Why or why not?

I agree. While we do get a lot of info and guidance from the experience of others and from the “manuals”, two children can grow up in the exact same environment with the same parents who love them the same and yet they come out totally different… “You just need a lot of love and luck”.

It is an awsome responsibility to bring a little one into this world… “and, of course, courage”

I totally agree. Every child and every parent is a completely different person from everyone else. What may work for my child and family may not work for yours. Also, if the rules of parenting had been figured out without a doubt they wouldn’t change every couple of years. But as long as they’re loved most tend to come out all right, and it definately takes courage because no one wants to be responsible for raising a child who ends up “damaged” in some sort of way as a result of their parenting. Raising children is really sort of a scary situation lol.

Totally agree. Parenting styles and advice change constantly. The only sound book to raise a child by is the Bible…and that doesn’t give many specifics in child raising. We do need a lot of love, luck, and courage. Bill Cosby is a smart man…shame he cheated on his wife.

I agree (first time I’ve agreed with anything Bill Cosby has said). I read a lot of books on child rearing, and while they weren’t necessarily wrong they were very broad and wouldn’t have worked for every child. I think you have to know your child and listen to him/her individually to know what will work best.

Yeah, I kind of do agree with that. It’s like people who spend all year studying for the SAT and fail miserably and those who walk into it with a fresh perspective– tend to preform better. I myself, am guilty of owning a stock-pile of parenting books. Everything from Dr. Sears to Dr. Ferber I have read and I have learned little valuable information from.

One thing I do agree with is needing a lot of love to successfully raise a child.

I agree.

Its not good parenting that keeps kids safe, most of the times when kids get hurt or killed in an accident its just that -an accident. You can make life safer, but not absolutely safe.

And there are simply no rules that apply to every child, and most parenting books focus more on what parents want to hear than on what children really are: ie “your baby will sleep 10 hours from 6 weeks old”, “no more tantrums”, make your baby the next “einstein”, etc.

I agree. I don’t think anyone should follow a book when raising their child. You just have to dive into it, follow your instincts and hope for the best.

Ab. so. lute. ly.

That pretty much says it all. It’s like flying by the seat of your pants – despite an overwhelming amount of research, studies, information, and available resources – but it’s the most amazing journey ever.

I agree. I mean the books are good for some info but others you just have to learn from other parents or learn it yourself. You can get manuals for most things but kids aren’t one of them. Every kid is different and the books might work for some but its not going to work for all of them.

My husband loves to quote Bill Cosby to me when it comes to raising children. I do actually agree with this quote though. Even though we have all these books about child-rearing they all contradict each other. They all have separate research backing them up and none of them will apply to 100% of children because every child is different and what works for one child won’t necessarily work for another child. I do think the Bill Cosby needs to add that you need a lot of self-discipline as well, though.

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