Newt Gingrich says he is the tortoise to Romney being the hare.Could Gingrich do a McCain and come from behind?

Honestly,in 2008, Giuliani was the front runner, and faded quickly.Then I thought it would be Romney, the he faded, then I thought Huckabee, then he was out.McCain was the Last candidate I expected to win the nomination.Now we are looking at the same scenario.Romney has been leading, then whoops, here comes Perry,…

I don’t think Gingrich could do it because he has too much DC baggage.

No, sorry…….wrong scenerio. Or right scenerio, but wrong tortoise.

Newt is a tool, and will fail, for the same reason Guiliani failed. He’s a gasbag who talks of Family values, and wags his finger at others, but his own record is less then saintly, and marred with mistresses and failed marriages, and cheating scandals.

Romney is the true turtle here……….keeping his head low, while all the hot shot hares go scamping about, (and getting their fool heads blown off by the media hunters)

When all the smoke clears……..stable, slow, smart, scandal free , centrist Romney, will be the only one still standing.

The others will all be buzzard feed. No one is electing freaking NEWT, President of the United States, I would bet all that I have on that. And I own a nice villa.

probably. he’s a politican. be conscious how NO conservative or republican is giving Romney the hero therapy? are you able to human beings say an identical approximately “trouble-free” HUssein Obama from back in 2008? You human beings have been performing as though he replaced right into a god. How has the exchange been? you’re youthful…i’m guessing which you’re on a minimum of two-5 entitlement courses. Welfare is superb, ain’t it?

You could be right. Life is funny. Who would have thought that Obama would have won last time. Not many people had really ever heard of him. Sarah Palin came out of nowhere too. You never know. It aint over till it is over.

Certainly, and then he’ll pick a bozo (or bozo-ette) for a running mate like McCain did, and hand President Obama his second term on a silver platter. I sure hope that happens.

I really like Gingrich just afraid he has too much baggage.

When it really comes down to it, ALL of the GOP candidates for 2012 are LAME.

He has the most experience and the most brains in the entire presidential field.

Yahoo didnt like thbis question, musta hit TOO close to home so they hid it.

Jump in and get BA;…

If Romney is a hare, the GOP is in trouble.

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