Pakistan-USA war: pakistan opens fire on american helicopters.?


I wonder if it was like that time when planes took Libyan fire on purpose?

Anyway, it says in the article that the apache violated pakistani airspace, so I really don’t see why it’s surprising.

If anyone violated American airspace, they would get smoked.

Last time I was anywhere near Sellafield, it was still in Britain. It is a worry that they have a 100 tons of plutonium! I’m not far away enough!

Any…way… I had a wee check of the “current” news. Apparently Pakistan (that country nowhere near Sellafield a.k.a. Windscale a.k.a. “glow in the dark, Cumbria”) did once fire a couple of pea shooters at some trigger happy Americans.

Edit. Thank you. That’s a sad turn of events. It’s too early for me to comment further, other than to say that Apache helicopters have state of the art GPS systems. They do not “stray”.

On one hand i will see the place US is coming from yet I worry they are going approximately attempting to take the full international on. Any antagonistic act against a much off places governments territory is an act of war till you have permission to cary out that act . enable me positioned it this way. If a neighbour builds a wall on his factors which adversely impacts yours and you climb over the wall and knock it down, i think of you will agree that it does no longer make for a sturdy relationship for a protracted time if ever. many human beings ae commencing off to treat the u . s . as international pirates who haven’t any admire for the valuables and traditions of the different usa. each and each time they try this type of factor they lose a minimum of one chum and make yet another enemy.

Pakistan should watch out. With India right beside them, and America ******* everywhere, if they picked a fight, they would lose. India hates Pakistan more than anyone and would love a chance to attack and not be condemned on the international level. And America just likes to blow **** up.

ohh I see so the US-PAK war has already started according to u??? the 1st link u gave is a different story though!!

The BBC link you provided has nothing to do with your claim.

i didnt read your link, cause im tired.
but i want to say be wary and keep an eye out for false flag attacks.
things arent always what they seem,

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