Ramadan: I am getting desperate…Read details!?

Salaam bros and sisters and hello from Ireland lol!

I would like your advice please.

Well basically I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE :(:(

Keeping me being a Muslim secret is completely awful, I keep ‘almost’ getting caught doing Salat and having to make up increasingly lame excuses why I am on the floor on top of a…

Salaam alaikum,
This is a test for you and I know what you’re going through. I had to do everything in secret too I even read the Quran on the internet. I am from the southeast united states in what we call “the Bible belt.” My family is very Christian. I was terrified to tell my family. I didn’t want her church to try and “deprogram” me. To this day my Mom believes I was brainwashed.
However, I waited a short time to make sure I knew enough Islam to defend myself against any arguments. I told my Mom first and she said “too bad for you” but alhamdulillah my family seems to accept it. We just don’t discuss religion. I respect her and her choice of beliefs and she does the same for me. My Mom has even sewn some hijabs for me. They are your parents and I’m sure they love you. When your ready, sit down with them and explain that you are old enough to think and reason for yourself and you were not satisfied with the beliefs you were raised with, too many unanswered questions or too confusing etc but you do respect them and their beliefs. However, you have found a religion that makes sense to you and that you believe in and that religion is Islam but you are still their son/daughter? and you love them and that will never change and you hope they can respect your beliefs too. Ask if they have any questions and answer them if you can. Then give them time to get used to the idea. (After I told my Mom she barely spoke to me for 3 days) In Islam we must show the highest respect for our parents. If possible have some pamphlets for non-muslims available to give to them. But you need to tell them so you do not do haraam things like taking communion etc. Remember Allah is with you.

I was once in your position and the best thing is to just have the discussion ASAP. I hid it also initially and my parents found out through the grapevine which made it all that much worse. They were angry that i decided to embrace islam, and for lying to them. My advice is to sit down with your parents and just tell them everything. Be ready for some (perhaps not so nice comments), but take them in stride. Give your parents some room with this issue because they need time to process the whole thing. It will be tough at the beginning, but inshallah with time it will get better. I wish you the best inshalah.

I am an ex Christian.
When I became Muslim it was hard.
I live in southern America at this moment, in Texas to be exact and I see and hear a lot of racist things around that made me hesitant to want to let out the word that I was Muslim and proud. My mom did not accept me, so I felt my friends would never accept me. I would constantly think in my mind that my friends would taunt me and make prejudice jokes. My mother tried to take me to church and I refused because I felt it was not my welcoming place anymore. later my close friend died and I have to go to his funeral which took place in a church. When everyone bowed their heads and prayed to Jesus, I did not know what to do. I stood there and looked around at a church hall full of bowed heads and closed my eyes and prayed the oral Islamic prayer in my mind. As I blocking out the prayer spoken aloud in the church, I felt something in my heart, that life would be way too hard to hide my belief. God would not be proud of me if I did. And plus my life would have been a lie because all of who the people in my life would believe that I was still a Christian when idled I was not.
I prayed for God to give me the great strength and I went ahead and told my closest of friends. Yes, some friends made jokes but what mattered was the friends that stuck by me and was open minded to have me as their Muslim friend.

Don’t think about others let Allah guide you. For sure it will be the right path. Be open if you can, tell all of your Islamic faith.

wa alaikum assalam brother,
may be you can start having friendly discussions about christianity in depth, question a lot about how you dont undrstand certain things …make her feel like you are really learning the religion .. also , talk to her about other religions – buddhism , judaism ,islam etc make your speech as impressive as possible and let her know how you can link the major religions of the world(show her the facts of comparitve religion study) … let this go on for a few weeks …. and then tell her that you have decided to choose islam because you find truth in it ,makes you feel more peaceful and makes you feel like a better christian than what you were earlier. perhaps listening to the last few words she too could get curious to learn about this beautiful faith?

Salaam Niall 🙂

read more Qur’an every day , as this would provide you with steadiness combined with inner peace to calm your anguish .

every Muslim who encounters a critical situation, such as prophet Moses when he was told by Allah to go to Pharaoh of Egypt , then Moses said this -duaa- from surat Ta-ha (20) from ayah 25 to ayah 28 as follows :

My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance]
And ease for me my task
And untie the knot from my tongue
That they may understand my speech.

your case as well as others like you, remind me of the stories of the early companions of the prophet (SAWS) when they small group coparing to their society and kept their faith unrevealed , we as born Muslims , admire your faith and what you have to go through for the sake of Allah alone, in shaa Allah you will be rewarded for all these ordeals .

relax. pray to Allah that he may guide you in the announcement to your family..
remember.. Allah never puts on us more than we can handle.. He knows best…
Suck up your fears and get it overwith.. And be a shining example of a new person, good moral sound person. and they will be amazed at your positive difference in behavior and come to you to ask more questions.. We muslims move forward, one step at a time.. one person at a time.. Goodluck! and May Allah bless you! ^_^

My little brother 🙂

You need to speak to mother and father! Allah (swt) is with you 🙂

I will make a Dua for you. Please confess to your family about you converting.

If you don’t, you’ll regret it later.

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