Since the aircraft carrier “Mission Accomplished” photo-op, How many soldiers and civilians have been killed?

More Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants than by Iraqis. Fact.

Since Illegal Immigration Kills More Americans Than Iraq Does, Why Do Democrats politicians choose to focus on Iraq? and not on the deaths of Americans that Democrats are causing?;…

“Mission Accomplished” refers to the ousting of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The media and the “agape” crowd would have you believe that this event marked the END to all hostilities and loss of life.

To answer part two of your question – it’s in the 10’s of thousands for civilians and 3,000+ for US soldiers.

This is historically a remarkably low casualty rate, both civilian and military! You should know this from your history!

Now that you know the truth, you may personally thank soldiers, marines, sailors, air force, and coast guardsmen the next time you see them!

And be thankful that you are not speaking Arabic or Farsi!

You might want to learn how to use Google. You can google the answer to this question by going to and putting in key words like: deaths in Iraq, etc. Any political slant that you would like to focus on can be found there to. Hope this helps!! I hope you find the answers to your questions !!

listen up, in war there are many missions. The mission to topple Saddam’s regime was ACCOMPLISHED thus the “photo-op” as you put it was correct. I wounder why you seem to side on defeat for the USA in Iraq. Well sorry for you that the surge is working, and even the New York Times finally had to print the truth for once.

The mission accomplished moment was an acknowledgement that Iraq had fallen into the Coalition’s hands. At that time, that was the goal. It was not a declaration that the war in Iraq was over.

This fact has been dissected and explained over and over and over (and over and over and over!)

And still some don’t get it.

For the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln who were arriving in San Diego from a successful mission in the Persian Gulf it WAS “mission accomplished”. Or do you not have any respect for our US military when they complete a mission in hostile seas?

How many missions do you think they have launched in Iraq, ONE? LOL

You confuse “Mission Accomplished” with “Job Complete.”

I’m not sure of the exact figure but, nine American soldiers died last week.

That is what they are paid to do and President Bush thanked them in ADVANCE, thank you.

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