What do you think about the results of this Poll, if the world would be better without islam?


The man who was chosen by voters with the overwhelming advantage over any other answer has, in my opnion, expressed the current opinion of the native people who live in Europe and USA.

The results clearly show the shift in the public opinion the Europeans and Americans have about islam. Just two years ago the similar question caused the hysterical screams in answer, and very few dared to say they think the world would be better. Now the answer that the world would be better without islam has been chosen as the Best Answer.

Muslims, first comes the Word. But it supports the Deed. You´d better start thinking.

I think this question is unfair. Would the world be better without Christianity? After all, it was in its name that the worst massacres have occurred. But I wouldn’t blame the religion itself, or any religion for that matter, but rather how people might interpret them. Me and another person can read the exact same book, and have two completely different conclusions. Religion is risky, that’s the appropriate term.

It’s impossible to have this world without Islam, Wishing islam never existed is a waste of wish because Islam is an Abrahamic religion so ever since God sent Adam on earth there have been always….always people believing in God.

Now after thousands of years, the oldest form judaism is surviving and it will forever. So why bother thinking of something that will never ever happen?

You and Tabari are Irrelevant. You will beg the Bedouin for help when all your electrical appliances and nukes become obsolete.

The modern world you see before your eyes is mostly based on islamic laws and moral judgements. However it seems you have a problem with MUSLIMS not really islam. I am willing to bet my left finger you have never read the Quran and neither has the guy who came up with the poll. Remember when Europe was in the dark ages where was the west then. It seems humanity has remained very thickle despite everything. You people need to wake up and smell the roses you are to controlled by media which itself is very biased just driving hidden agenda’s.

Think about it everything you know about islam comes from where??? the media and what do they know about the religion. It’s like going to an emergency room and being examined by a racing car driver… what does he know about medicine????

The answer which was chosen by your other accounts with the overwhelming advantage of repetitive ONE VOTE,ten times,expressed your OWN SICK OPINION about Islam……
YOU have answered YOUR OWN question in the same stupid way that YOU keep posting at this page with no change…..
READ the other 9 answers to your questions …..and educate your self……It does express the REAL respond to your question…….they either disagree with you……or…….They want the world free from ALL religions…..for obvious reasons.
I love how stupid people FAIL to convince anybody ……but themselves

the problem is the approach to said religion. i asked a few muslim friends, and i collect (muslims here, correct me if i am wrong) that you are not free to interpret what the koran says. i mean, no symbolism for you, take every word as it is. it’s halts free thought and scientific progress…

Judging by the answers given by the Muslims in the Ramadan category, it seems they pretty much advocate wiping Israel and the US off of the map through the use of nuclear weapons:


I hardly see how this is peaceful, or in any way beneficial to anyone.

is like saying: if the world would be better without Christianism. but if we could live in a paralel universe in which polls say the opposite of what they say, the poll would be: if the world would be better without Satanism, because the opposite of Islam is Satanism. in other words… Islam is not evil.

Price Tag’s motto is the only good Arab is a dead Arab, Now in Sabra and Shatila, I made 3276 arabs good; my only regret is I couldn’t make more of them good. but It was legal, I never even got tried for my blessed decision.

But in a final foot note now that I’m in a coma I regret the fact that i can’t make more Arabs good, but I’m sure my countrymen will do that for me in the name of democracy.

Go democracy go.

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