What is the difference between Christians, Catholics and Jehova’s witnesses?

What is the difference?

Catholicism is the first Christian denomination to have existed. They taught (and to this day, still teach) that the written word (sacred scripture) and SPOKEN word (sacred tradition) of God are equally important.

Protestantism began with Martin Luther around the 1500s. He denied the sacred tradition. I think ‘Protestant’ is what you mean when you refer to ‘Christian’.

Jehovah’s Witness is just another denomination of Protestant Christianity, but unlike Catholicism and most Protestant denominations, they do not believe in the Holy Trinity.

They are all Christians. I see this kind of question often on YA, always from Americans, and I am always stunned at the ignorance such questions display.

The Roman Catholic Church was the first Christian church in the west, in fact it was the ONLY Western Christian church until the 16 th century when Martin Luther, himself a Catholic priest, spat his dummy at the Pope and the Church hierarchy. From that beginning, Protestantism was born and spread throughout Western Europe and later to the New World.

The Jehovah’s Witness organisation is just another Protestant religion, although “sect” would probably be a better descriptor for it. It and many other latter-day protestant religions interpret the Bible differently from the main stream Christian faiths – RC, Baptist, Uniting, Episcopal, etc., and the wackiest are all US incarnations: I guess you have too many restless, dissatisfied people over there.

Catholic is basically Christianity. Its just that they add onto, and go over board. They pray to Mary and belive that they cannot speak to God, thus they go to Bishops and Priests.
Jehova Witness is a cult. and they take away from the bible. They also do not believe in the Trinity. I would rather be catholic than Jehova witness. But I’m proud to say im Christian.

Catholics are Christians…

What you refer to Christians, is actually Protestant Christians…

As for Jehovah’s witness’…. they fall far from what is asked of Jesus…


Catholics and Jehovah’s witnesses are two different types of Christians.

Like cyan and navy are two different types of the color blue.

Catholics are the original Christians.We belong to Jesus Christ’s Catholic Church. And JW’s are considered one of the 38,000 Protestant denominations

A Christian is one who believes the Bible is the Word of God, The Trinity and that Salvation is by Grace Alone through faith alone in Christ Alone. Catholics are a branch of the “Christian Church” Although there are many Christians in the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church has replaced the Bible with Church Tradition so they it now teaches that Salvation comes works, through the Church and not By Grace through Jesus as the Bible Teaches (For it is by GRACE that you have been saved not by works Eph. 2:8&9). The Jehovah Witnesses we never part of the Christian Church because they reject the doctrine of the Trinity as is taught in the Bible (John 1:1 says that Jesus (the Word) was in the beginning and was GOD). So to sum up – JW’s are not Christian, Catholics can be if they believe in Salvation by Grace and those that call themselves “Christian” can be saved if they to accept Christ, The Bible and Salvation by Grace .

It’s a little like that . Heres a short then a long reply you will have to understand that christianty is a re interpretation of judaism and Islam Is a reinterpretation of Christianity. They usually all have spawned many of their possess interpretations like a giant Boulder broken in to smaller stones and each of the smaller boulders and then damaged down into more pieces etc…. You get the photograph long reply this happens over a couple of hundred years between 850 and 1400 advert however I dont comprehend the dates It used to be the greek orthodox church of constantinople which commenced to keep watch over religious teachings The Bishops in rome felt that the orthodox church of greece was once a political arm of the Emperor so started to proclaim their possess religious authority. They had a different agenda. Lombards in the east had taken Ravenna, an principal roman centre but the emperor of constantinople didnt have the resources to send the army. Frankish (french and german) kings north of italy have been regarded barbarans. However on the grounds that the biships had a lot vigour over the minds of men. The Franks noticed that the church would give legitimacy as protectors of the holy roman empire to their conquests and agreed to re triumph over ingredients of Italy. The is the primary main schism or cut up Protestantism began with a (i believe Dutch) man referred to as Martin Luther (consequently lutherian). He didnt agree with the way christianty was taught via the Catholic Church, selling forgiveness for cash,celibacy of monks and different things. Niether did plenty of Northern Europeans. In a nutshell different protestant agencies sprung up over Northern Europe but that they had the defense of their Kings and populations from prosecution through the catholics. Finally these businesses reap sufficient aid that the are in a position to bless public ceremonies. Churches traditionally are prone spliting partly as a result of actual religios convictions but in addition considering they speak for a nation and it offers a king the possibility to achieve the title “defender of the faith”The danes did not want their public existence dictated to with the aid of the Pope in Italy and Niether did the English therefore the church of England. I dont know concerning the numerous different protestant corporations but you are proper it that it is about wether they enable females to preach wether or now not they think in hell actually or their views on Homosexuality. My aunt has her possess church in the caribbean. She was once ordained as some style of pentecostal however did not accept as true with probably the most finer aspects so she went… Off road however there is no gays there i will inform you

Catholicism is Christianity and Jehovah’s Witnesses want to hijack Christianity by claiming they are restored Christianity.

Jehova’s witnesses IS JUST A CULT.


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