What two word term will Obama replace “enemy combatant” with for the Gitmo detainees?

What about “Good Friend”? Too true? What do you think Obama should call them now since he has quit the Bush Policy of “enemy combatant” to refer to the suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay?

Obama Ditches Term ‘Enemy Combatant’


1) ” misunderstood extremists ”

2) ” unruly foreigners ”

3) ” bad boys ”

4) ” behaviorally challenged ”

5) ” rude men ”

6) ” illmannered farmers ”

7) ” frustrated NY cabbies ”

8) ” sexually deprived ” ( dreaming about the many virgins that await jhiad terrorist killers )

No, and if we had observed Geneva Conventions at Gitmo shall we go away it open. Now the full international thinks that’s a dungeon of terror. President Obama has been fidgeting with the hand he grew to become into dealt

The Bush administration only made up the term ‘unlawful combatant’ or ‘enemy combatant’ to get around the Geneva Convention’s rules about the treatment of prisoners of war. The term never really had a legal meaning.

Obama’s people will examine the actual case against these men. Those who have evidence against them will become ‘suspected criminals’ or ‘criminal defendants’.

But most of them have no evidence at all against them. They were picked up in a sweep because they matched the profile–Arabic, between 18 and 30, perhaps educated, perhaps politically active. Those suspects will also get a new title: “free men”. 8^)

new voter….

too bad the ICRC is so stupid that they refer to them as (oh,dear) “unlawful combatants”…

Article 51.3 of the Commentary: IV Geneva Convention also covers this interpretation: “Civilians shall enjoy the protection afforded by this section, unless and for such time as they take a direct part in hostilities.”
In the words of the International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC “If civilians directly engage in hostilities, they are considered “UNLAWFUL” or “unprivileged” COMBATANTS or belligerents (the treaties of humanitarian law do not expressly contain these terms). They may be prosecuted under the domestic law of the detaining state for such action. Both lawful and UNLAWFUL COMBATANTS may be interned in wartime, may be interrogated and may be prosecuted for war crimes. Both are entitled to humane treatment in the hands of the enemy.” [caps mine]

Added …. oops! Sorry! BUSH made that up. BUSH made up the ICRC, too. And the Geneva Convention, too. And lied about the Weapons of Masses destruction that Sadman Insane killed over 5,000 Kurds with ..

Misunderstood Personage

Paranoid Neocon

Accused prisoner, like people who agree with the Democracy and Law & Order do with accused prisoners.

Suspected Terrorist

The accused.

Peace combatant or something equally ridiculous. God our president is so weak… Just another 4 years..

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