Which sub-woofer and amplifier should i buy?

Hi! I have a 1997 Nissan Primera. I have the following audio set-up in my car:

Rear Speakers: Pioneer TSA 6992S (6*9″ 5-way, 460 watts max power handling, 80 watts nominal rating, 25~35,000Hz frequency response)

Front Speakers: Pioneer TSG 1641R (6.5″ 2-way, 91db sensitivity, 35~22,000Hz frequency…

you know rockford forsgate is a pretty good brand i have two 10 in punch stage 2 and most people think i have 12 in woofers and its powered by a rockford amp look into it ..but not only does brand matter but it also depends on the box style

pioneer subs suck. is suggest getting 2 12 inch kicker cvrs pushed by a 300 or 400 watt kicker amp. it will hit cleanly and have great sound. if you dont want to go with the kicker amp you can get a not as god sa brand but make sure its still good bc kicker when they are rated at 300 thats there “true” wattage they can push alot more than 300 i had a 750 pushing 2 of my 15 inch kicker cvx’s and it did it and it beat down the block. i would also suggest a mono block or a 2 channel. nothing more.

for cheap deals check otu caraudio.com or hifisoundconnection.com

and dont be affrauid of refurbished they work just as good and come with warranty. mine never had any problems!!!

You can purchase a “powered sub” or “amplified sub”. This is basically a subwoofer/amplifier combination. An example is Infinity’s Basslink system.

I would upgrade in this order…components for ur front/amp to match and then subns and amp. if you like pioneer stick to it

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