Why do British people hate Americans?

Okay so I just want to know why British people hate Americans? I as an American can’t understand why, are you still mad about the Revolutionary War or something? I’ve been to the U.K and was treated terrbly and my accent was ridiculed. America is a beatiful country and so is Britain. So someone who is…

There is no particular reason to hate the American people but we have a hell of a lot of reasons to hate your government through out the years.

1. America refused to help the UK during the Battle of Britain and kept trading with the Nazis right up until Pearl Harbour. America left Britain to its fate, yet many have the nerve to say “they” saved Britain.

2. Your government then bought up all of Britain’s debt after WW2, charging this country massive interest right up until 2006. Deliberately undermining Britain’s position as a world power.

3. America betrayed Britain over Suez, again deliberately destroying anything that was left Britain’s global position.

4. Your country supplied the IRA with weapons leading to the deaths of over 3000 people.

5. Your cretin of a president dragged Britain into 2 stupid pointless face saving wars, in which thousands have been killed and wounded to help America, a country that has never really helped us in the last 60 years.

6. In the Gulf war and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, almost as many British soldiers died from friendly fire from the Americans as from the Iraqis.

6. And to show his gratitude over how our soldiers fighting and dying for America, your President had the nerve to say Britain is no more important than any of the other 150 countries. And then went on to deliberately insult Britain further.

Also your country has an appealing reputation for bastardising and rewriting history, usually via Hollywood films. Hence many Americans are under such impressions that they “kicked Britains *** in 1812” when in reality America was defeated and lost the war. Or that they single handedly won WW2 when in reality it was won almost entirely by Russia.

I am American and I wonder the same thing. I personally love British people and wish I was one, but when I ask some British people why they hate Americans about half said that they didn’t know anybody who did and the other half just responded by saying that we are fat, arrogant, slobs and that’s why they hate us! It just makes me upset to see so many British people hate us cos of stereotypes. I mean seriously, Britain created us!!! We have the most in common with them and I am personally proud of that because I wish I was British. Anyways, I am not going to judge all of Britain as hating Americans just because of a stupid few, and I hope they will do the same…

British people don’t hate Americans and nor do they generally ridicule people’s accents. Have you considered that it was in fact just you they didnt like? And most know little about the revolutionary wars (I take it you mean the War of Independence – funny you don’t know what its called when you are American – its not an important part of our history and not something we learn about in school. And by the way, in the UK yankee is a term used for all Americans and is in no way derogatory.

As a brit, I don’t hate Americans (OK, there are some exceptions mainly the rude, obnoxious ones who roam about wearing tarten trousers, click their fingers for attention in restaurants etc and talk in loud voices as if the whole world gives a toss what they say) but on the whole, they seem very naive and quite sweet.

It is the laws that your government try and inflict on everyone – thinking that they have the right to take over the internet and remove freedom of speech on here for everyone, going to war for oil and their religious right. If you could get all your over the top religious lot and all the politicians together on an island so they could argue among themselves without affecting the rest of the world, the US could be great!

Who says British people hate Americans?

i’m British and that i’ve got no problem with any individuals. in reality I evaluate the united states to be a super asset to western democracies as an entire.The greenback and human value protecting our values and spreading democracy the place tyranny reigned, is unrivaled by utilising all ecu democracies at the same time. the reason the country is unpopular in our united states on the 2d is basically by way of leftist media’s skewed reporting of activities. generally it truly is our lesser knowledgeable human beings ,that experience a ought to belong to a variety as adversarial to comparing the placement ,that are maximum vocal. lots of my compatriots that are speedy to sentence the strikes and values of the united states,must be careful what they want for.i could truly be Airstrip a million than Tehran 2.

To me it has always seemed more like a dick measuring contest rather than actual hate. Both sides always claim to be the best at everything. You’ll see it all the time if you look for it.

I’ve lost count of how many British vs American military debates i’ve witnessed here on yahoo answers. The amount of arrogance on both sides is amazing. I wouldn’t dare venture a guess as to how many times i’ve heard “WE KICKED YOUR *** IN THIS WAR” or “YOU GOT YOUR ASSES KICKED IN VIETNAM.”. Same damn thing over and over again. It’s actually happening in this question!

We dont – you may have misunderstood British humour – we are sarcastic and take the p**s out of everyone including ourselves, it’s not meant nastily it’s just the way we are. I have American family who take what I say literally and don’t realise I’m winding them up.
As for revolutionary wars most British people know nothing about it as we don’t study it in school.

Sorry that happened to you but it is really where you go e.g. if you go to London they are all want to be black gangsters 4 some reason but im from Liverpool and i dont hate Americans i thought it was the other way around

well .. i know what ur talking about and i cant blame u in anyway . its just the political decisions and the financial crisis that US played a huge part of making it bigger and bigger and other American’s bad behaviour stereo types gave everyone else a bad idea about Americans in general ,which is wrong but sadly it is happening . i know its not fair and im sorry for that .. ppl do attend to hate Americans without taking in consideration that not all americans the same .

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