Do you believe that an abortion prevents the birth of a soul that God wants to be born.?

Does the woman receiving the abortion have more power than God?

Seems like a lot of pro-lifers think so.

That’s one thing I’ve never understood. If they believe in the concept of the soul, why could the soul of the *potential* child not simply be born somewhere else, through a woman who was *willing* to give birth? If it is your god’s will that the child be born, isn’t he powerful enough to make it happen with or without the woman’s cooperation?

My personal opinion is that the soul will find another way to incarnate, and that abortion may be rude and inconveniencing to that soul, but not even close to “murder.”

“Do you believe that an abortion prevents the birth of a soul that God wants to be born.?” – Hmm, as a guess I think no, as GOD would know and put the soul/person according to GOD’s overall plan for everything. This is like the reverse of “It’s a Wonderful Life” theme. What happens if one is born or not born.


Okay, lets say that my 17 year old daughter was coming home late one night after a football game and got raped which ended in her being pregnant. How can you tell me that this is a soul that God wanted, that he planned? If so, then your God is sick. He would not plan for a young girl to be raped just so some could could be born. If so, then He is wrong for doing so.

Lets say that my 17 year old daughter had unprotected sex & got pregnant. If it is unplanned then how can you justify that it was planned by God? It was a mistake that she made, one that could ruin her life forever; it not only ruins her life, but all those around her. Her family & his family. If she were to have this baby, how do you not know that because she chose not to have an abortion she must stay home to raise this baby. She was accepted to a one of the top Universities, but now has to stay home to care for this baby that was unplanned & not wanted. If she has the abortion she is able to go to the University become a Dr, and meet her future husband who she has 4 children with. BUT, this all will never happen because she stayed home to care for a baby she did not want.

LETS say that she has the baby then decides to put the baby up for adoption. She finds the perfect couple who love this baby very much. 20 years now pass and the baby is still wanting to know why his mom gave him up, why didn’t she love me, wasn’t I good enough for her. Thinking about all this, he turns to drinking and meth. He becomes a meth head and is very depressed and wishes he could taske his own life. He thinks about this everyday. His life is wasted. Does this sound like a soul that God wanted to born?

Lets look at this family. This girl did not believe in abortion. She became pregnant becasue she was a crack user. She didn’t think about birth control. But she was against abortion. She has the baby, and h=must live with a frined of hers because she has no money and the dasd is in prison by now. She must work a dead enbd job as waitress for the rest of her life becasue she didn’t believe in abortion. She is on public aide, and HUD and the kid has a medical card. She still goes out and parties too. The kid has nothing, his dad is in prison still. the kid is 18 now and follows in his mother & fathers foot steps of stealing & drinking and crack, and meth. he robs a bank becasue he needs money for his next high, but there was a family in there at the same time he was and he freaked out and shot the mother and her 3 girls then shooting himself. All this could have been prevented if his mom would have gotten an abortion. BUT, since this was a soul God wanted to be born…………

So yes, the woman does have more power than God and she should be able to do as pleases without all those pro – lifers standing in the way. Should the pro-life people be allowed to play God or have more power than the woman who is pregnant? I don’t think so.

If abortion was illegal there wuld still be women & young girls getting pregnant. Only they would still have the abortion, but it may cost them their life in the long run.

Your god must not want a lot of souls to be born considering the number of miscarriages that occur.

Most of the gods that I know about could care less about souls.
Even the Abrahamic god cares very little about souls or a great deal considering the huge number of bodies attached to souls that he himself kills or has killed.

But you need to prove a few things before you can realistically ask this question;
Prove that souls exist
Prove that ANY god exists
Show that any god wants a pile of used souls.

So , yes a woman having an abortion has more power than god, since there are no god(s).

Ancient Rabbinical Judaism taught that ensoulment occurs at the first breath based on Genesis 2:7 “the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” A fetus wasn’t given the rights of a human being until the crown of the head appeared outside the womb. Right to lifers apparently assert that ensoulment occurs at fertilization based on nothing but their desire to demote all pregnant women to the status of a state-owned and operated incubator.

no. if god wanted the baby to be born, he wouldn’t have allowed the woman to have an abortion. in a way, the woman has more power than god.

It will no doubt suprise you that many personalities (souls) elect to exprience the physical life for a short time as opposed to a long term physical life.
Many personality’s forsee the probability of abortion( or a short term life) within a womb and elect to enter this short life to “test drive” the body. Many percieve “life” as physical and I tell you that the mind came long before the body.
“Birth of a soul” is a complex idea as all life began as one and all origns are the same. But I again say that physical life is not true life but merly a physical vehicle to experience the physical world we percieve now.

No. An eternal soul and spirit are born at the moment of conception. The killing of the body in no way kills the soul or spirit of that human made in God’s image. The soul spirit of an aborted child goes directly to heaven. (Read 2nd Samuel Chapter 12) No a woman does not. But she does have the power to do the right thing and never abort/murder a child of God.

It’s not a matter of what God wants. Who says God wants any soul to be born? God isn’t creating new people, he gave us the power to create. In this situation, the woman does have more power than God because God chose to give that power to her. His allowing us to have choice is Him limiting His own power.

No, I believe that abortion prevents the birth of a child who has a right to be born. I think everyone is created for a reason, and that many of society’s problems today are caused by people thinking that they should be able to control and deny nature.

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