Early halloween costume suggestions?Thanks.

Could someone please advise me on what I should dress up for as halloween this year?
Some loose info is I’m almost 6 foot, I have dark blond hair, am male, and that’s about as loose as you can get without being too loose….
Anyways I’d like to go as something horror inspired, thanks for the suggestions.

Just dress up as yourself, that should be scary enough ;).

Have You Ever Seen The Lost Boys?
If So, How About Being The Lead Vampire?


Or Spike From Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Vampires In General Are HOT 🙂

The Covenant Minister of Death
Try this website for more Halloween costumes ideas!

Since I’m in such good shape now I think I will go as Stelios from 300.

Horror related:
Otis Firefly

hmmm….. define sexy.. as in slutty sexy? Then go for Playboy bunny.. you know ears tail and all… Or the french maid sexy? That is a little more conservative. Or create your own depending on what sexy is to you!! Personally, I’d do stiletto boots, with fishnet stockings, a cute little mini, with maybe a cute top like a corset.. Sorry I love them.. And if you want.. Throw in a whip 😉 lol

sorry mines not scarry but ;;
get some cheap black fabric and cotten,
make it into a horse shoe shape .
put it around your neck.
so it sorta looks like a magnet.

than get little fake chicks and stick all over the ends

now yours chick magnet (:

dress up like the recon’s in battlefield bad company. There like brown camouflaged bears. And put like ketchup running down your lips.

Homemade costumes are cool. Also an undead person.

a cat

mike myers!!!!! he is tall and has blond hair and is some what scary!!!!!!!

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