POLL: what’s your favorite food?

Kind of food, food item, resturant?

Fish and chips at our local fish cafe and sitting on their veranda watching the sun set over the water – beautiful!

i like seafood plenty. can no longer get adequate of it it is so scrumptious. I hate pineapple. It tastes horrific and it burns my tongue like Kiwi Fruit. specific i’m extraordinary i understand, yet I would desire to stick my tongue in milk when I’ve eaten it, it hurts plenty. fortuitously I hate the flavor as nicely so i’m no longer lacking out on something.

Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes.

Royal Tokyo

I dont have a favorite food becuase I like different types.

Hawaiian Pizza, favorite restaurant is Subway.

Toco’s Mhmmm♥.

Fried chicken wings.

Chinese Food

Grilled panini with egg and avocado oil

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