Teach English in South Korea?

Has anyone here taught English in South Korea before? Any good links for finding work?

For teaching English in South Korea i reckon http://www.eslbean.com is the best. I got a job teaching over there from that site a year ago. Hope this helps.

Well I know I’m already preparing to teach english in korea. Always make sure to read the contract first. Also investigate the school as them for other english teachers who previously worked there so you can call them and see if they had any problems about the school. Also one thing it may just state you work like 30 hours a week or whatever but you could end up staying at the school for 12 hours on end -_-… Also if they do try to not pay you cause they say their broke or whatever the reason you can challenge it in the Ministry of Labor, but I would actually first consult the agency that your a part of to see if they can work it out with the school first before you turn it into a court case. I know if you look online you will find many bad stories about teaching english in korea but you dont find many good stories either. So don’t be afraid just cause there arent many good stories out there.

You might want to look at the EPIK program. From what I’ve heard, it’s like JET, but in Korea instead of Japan.

Also, you might want to move your question to a more appropriate forum…this is the Japan section (just so you know). You’ll probably get more serious answers in a more appropriate forum.

i dont think ull have any chance…

cuz ive been to korea and there are alot of korean-american fine english speaking teachers around everywhere.

I think korean academies might prefer their own race than others.

the only world map you have is published before the surrender of japan in WWII right?

Why would you ask that on the Japan thread?

don’t they speak Malasian or Buddhist

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