Why are there so many people against gay/lesbian marriage?

I don’t understand it at all.

I am almost 15 years old and straight, by the way.

But I just don’t understand why everyone else thinks there’s something morally wrong with gay marriage. It’s not your problem if a man wants to marry another man. I know a lot of it is a religion, but is it really…

I am totally for it. Who are we to say who another person can or can’t love? It’s not affecting our lives and if they’re happy and not hurting anybody what the hell’s the problem?

For people who say well it says it in the bible and its God’s word so its wrong, God did NOT write the bible, MAN did. it was written by people who were prejudice and racist. God would not have written that as He loves all of his children and would want them to be happy.

It’s mostly about religion. Also, people make irrational conclusions that if men are marrying other men, soon they’ll start marrying dogs and cars. I don’t know where they get that, but that argument should just be thrown out the window because it’s ridiculous.

Two men (or women for that matter) living together and loving each other is a threat to the average middle class, conservative, household with 2.5 kids and a dog. That’s what people think the “American Dream” is, and the LGBT community is a “threat” to that, I guess.

People are just scared of anything that’s different from what they’re used to.
The prejudices will die down eventually, just like the ones that existed (and still do, somewhat) about interracial marriage.

I had this question also, and got an answer from my parents.

Some people think that since marriage is a “guy and girl” thing, and that gays already have social unions, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry since they don’t necessarily need it. Some people believe homosexual people already have it good, but it’s “asking for too much” to be married just so they can call themselves married.

Of course, I do not really believe in that. I find that anyone should have the same treatment whether you’re gay or straight.

I’m really religous and I think it’s fine for gay marriages. Your right its totally their choice and their business. I mean they are not hurting me any so they can do what they do. I do think it is wrong to let people who are in a gay marriage adopt children though. I don’t know I just don’t think it is very fair to put a child in a situation like that. I mean they will get judged all their life and maybe not have such an easy life with society. I do think it is ok for them to have children like artifically and for them to have children through someone else though. I don’t know its hard to explain but gay marriage don’t bother me. Im 100% straight as well

i totally agree, im straight and my friends are mostly gay, tbh they are the most best people you can talk too as they understand what you are saying more!!! They are just like everyone else just go for the opposite sex, they are still the same person!!!! I love my gayy friends soooooo much,, great qn btw 😀 x

Some freaks have control issues and not allowing gays and lesbians to enjoy the same privileges as they do (state recognized marriage) is one way to inflict their narrow views on every one else.

Others do not wish to allow GBLT to have insurance as easily as thier straight counterparts but don’t mind working them as wage slaves (unmarried do not enjoy the same tax breaks as marrieds).

It comes down to oppression. There is no other good reason to oppose it.

You are totally right.

People sometimes hate or fear things they do not understand.

It can also just be ignorance or something they were told to believe. Some people are smart enough to think with their own minds…

Thanks for the support.

Thing is people think it will affect the mindset of children and might make them gay also. If gay marriage were legalized, people would have to allow gays to adopt and marry even though they might not like it. Besides priests might have to marry gay people at an alter and they’re not up for that too much

People are against gay marriage because they feel threatened by it. It’s that simple.

well some people just don’t like the idea of same sex marrige. I am straight and support it. Some people think that it is against the bible. And others think its gross.

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