Why do Republicans claim that Obama’s policies are bad for the economy when…?

GDP has continued to go up, unemployment has consistently gone down, the Dow Jones has hit its highest point in five years, and college graduation rates are at all-time highs. So, where’s the economic calamity conservatives claim is coming? I just don’t see it.

Because there is no political gain in being honest!

For earnings taxes,the charges could have remained a similar,however the quantities in the brackets have been replaced. some tax will improve went into result after Dec.31,so as that they does not impression 2010 tax returns. A loss in earnings additionally impacts how plenty gross sales the government receives- much less earnings=much less taxable earnings=decrease tax sales. Tax costs weren’t decreased and the financial gadget isn’t everywhere close to the point 4 years in the past. That 14.8% relies upon on IF the financial gadget continues to be a similar or grows a sprint. If the financial gadget takes yet another down turn,that discern will drop additionally. So do not believe the government numbers the two,they fudge the numbers to extra healthful their desires additionally.

The Dow Jones Average is an indicator of change in market volume and percentage of an increase of $1 to $2 is 100%. That is what we have now. An increase of $100 to $200 is 100% that is what we had before the sell off. They both show up the same on the DJiA.

After 4 years the economy is barely started to move forward. Typically it takes two. The Obama administration is delaying the inevitable by constantly spending money they do not have. One day, it MUST be re-payed.

If you think the rich in America are going to pay all that money back, your in for a surprise. It is NOT possible.

Obama will not be done until 2020, possibly. He will be re-elected, despite what the Constitution says. By then, the USA will be a third world country, just as he and his followers want!

As far as web sites telling one thing, I can find just as many telling a different story, like this is actually a fake recovery.

Because GDP growth has been 2% or less and it should be over 4% in a recovery.

Because unemployment has only gone down because people have stopped looking for jobs and so are no longer counted as unemployed.

We are still seeing over 300,000 new jobless claims a month.

College graduation rates are not an economic indicator. My daughter graduated from the UW 2 years ago and the only job she can find is as a waitress!

We have the most people ever on food stamps.


The poverty level is at a 50 year high.


Unemployment in the black community is over 14%.


Really when you talk about college graduation are you counting the ones who are returning to live with mom and dad because they can not find a job. The reason for the unemployment rate being lowered is you don’t count the ones who have given up looking for work, or who have filed for Social security disability like many i have known, because they can not find work. As for the stock market lets face it the left was telling us that it is no indication of economic improvement.

The job report is fudge because the true unemployment rate is 25%.


The GDP, unemployment, and the Dow have improved despite Obama. Not because of anything stellar he has done.

Poverty is up, and U6 unemployment is steady. Debt is skyrocketing. College graduation rates? Millions of graduates are unemployed, making this a null argument.

You are exactly right. You just don’t see it and neither do we. We do see an artificial economy though. When it all catches up and hyper inflation sets in you might get it then.

When workforce participation is lowest since the depression.


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