Why not we invite the British again to rule india?

1. One side Anna Hazare giving Grace time to the government of india for Lok Pal.
2. River disputes are not solved by the central government and keep silent as if the river disputes happen in another country.
3. The central government is partial in some states in allocation of funds and one chief minister openly…

Your approach is not correct. First of all, it is the ‘divide and rule’ policy of hte British until they left India, that is responsible for the political mess. Corruption, in the words of the late PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi, is a ‘global phenomenon’, not confined to India alone. In spite of all the negataives u have pointed out, we have made great strides since independence. We are one of the sound economies during the current melt down periods. Britain is such a small country that they cannot even have a problem of river water sharing. They had their hands full with their problem of Ireland. India is not a small country but a huge one with diverse cultures, climate, habits etc., and differences are bound to be there, just like all the members of a family do not see eye to eye in every matter. If the children feel that the parents are not taking due care of them, they do not go to the next door neighbour for solution or for security. The same applies to nations. Think positive.

Now it is too late. When British left India, they never Intended to return back and hence they divided the Nation both physically and psychologically the Indian Population.

Under the circumstances it was good that they cut off the part like SriLanka, Burma,Middle East (that was under the British Rule) from India before handing over the Territory. Otherwise we would be facing the problem of LTTE besides Kashmir Militants and other Local Political Outfits, and besides the benefits from the Oil Revenue from the middle East would have found the same fate as that of ONGC and not the general public.

Our leaders don’t want even FDI for any Industrial Development would they allow British Rule?
Though the Intentions may be good, contaminated organs can not be used for any transplantation for saving others life.

Yes it was an idea in my mind since long and when I met Warren Hastings, he told that he is not permitted to tome to India.
Then I chased Sir John Macpherson and the Earl of Conwallis- they also are suffering due to high BP and Sugar. They are not not ready to take up the charge.
So I decided to ask Lord William Bentick, Charles Metcalfe, I was told that Bentick was expired on 20th March last year. and Metcalfe on 4th March. At last I relied upon the service of Mountbatten and he told that the present Ministry and the present India is beautiful and rich of good people, who needs not to be ruled. They would rule themselves. Please publish the address of Mr. British with his mobile number, so as to try once more.

Will they be prepared? They will run away I am sure, even without a Gandhiji or a Netaji.

Remember, it is we who elect the Government. Can’t we use our ballot paper intelligently? What prevents us? Why do we hesitate to experiment with different parties and instead elect only one of the same two? If the reason is that every one is made of the same lot (Ore kuttaiyil ooriya mattai- all are same branches soaked in a dirty pond), then does the fault not lie with the kuttai?

The British quit India because the country had become unruly and anarchy was getting out of hand.

All dependence on another is futile, for
what what others can give,
others will take away.

Only what is your own at the start
will remain your own in the end.
Accept no guidance from others
and the guidance is within us.

You are never left without knowing
what your next step should be.

Your own effort will be of permanent use to you

British rule not required,just kickoff whole Nehru Family from India.Always Good.

Who can we trust to solve the world problems.

World Leaders-NO
Rich People-No
Powerful People-NO

We cling to God for our last hope.

Who is the Most Honest Person You Know?

How would you describe our Leaders.

“Fools will be made rulers.

Goodness and evil will be viewed from the same perspective.

“Ministers of government will be liars. ”

“Good people will keep silent fearing others’ foul(Leaders) speech.”

“Unworthy(Contemtible) persons will meddle in affairs of state”.

“The governors will consider the wealth of the people as their own and they will attack the morality of people/children”.

“They will stockpile grains to maintain prices”.

“Theywill be entrusted to those unworthy of it”

.They might make a disastrous mistake due to ignorance, inexperience, fatigue, etc.
They could have evil intentions and use their power for evil, or they could be fooled by an evil person.

They might be corrupted by flattery and think themselves wiser and greater than they really were.

Even if they wanted to do good, they wouldn’t know for sure what would be best for everyone.

They are likely to show favoritism to some and treat others unfairly.

if you invite , do you think they will come back and solve all your problems when they are enjoying the proxy rule through WTO which is more resourceful and safe

Don’t you know how our leaders suffered in the hands of british rulers?

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