Would guys ever date a skinny girl?

If their naturally skinny. i heard guys only like thick girls with big butts

guys love skinny girls.

I Don’t See Myself As Skinny – but I Love Women With Curves !! So The Answer is Yes They Do !!

I loveeeeeeeeee skinny girls. I love a butt that I can fit in the palm of my hand.

Uhh, plenty of guys are into skinny girls! What a questioon, huh?♥

yes i like skinny girls

some guys have weird preferences..they want a 20 inch waist with like a 40 inch circumference butt…
i have no idea..every guy is different

Not Anorexic or Like Bone Skinny

I like girls that are normal sized and have a good peronallity

well i’m naturally skinny and my husband loves my tiny butt. =)
skinny girls need love too you know.

i hope they date skinny girls cuz im skinny

heavens no!
guys dont like only just one type.
any more than girls only like one type of guy.
there is someone out there that likes girls exactly like you, it is what’s inside your mind and heart that really matter
the guys who only look at one certain body type arent worth having anyway. dont waste your time

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