Why do liberals want the government to control everything?

Don’t the liberals know that too much government control is a bad thing?

Liberals do not like taking any responsibility for their own decisions – they would rather have gov do it for them.

So look.. lets say I rather have worked my way by using college, and acquire a Doctorate degree, or what have you ever and that i improve right into a millionaire.. Congrats to me precise? I earned what I won. Now do you surely think of that what I rather have made, and what I rather have worked so perplexing for my entire life could be surpassed out to those who choose for to no longer artwork, and to stay off the government?? think of approximately that. Now on factor… Republicans and Conservatives have faith in making our own judgements. no longer having the government administration what we do, or do no longer do. Ever been to the South? Its maddening at how lots satisfaction we’ve for our lives, and families. on the different spectrum the Liberals, and Democrats have the prefer to make possibilities equivalent for each guy or woman. The good judgment is the place??? I see none! the government does no longer have the staggering to impose something on the yank those that has no longer been pointed out below Constituational regulation. it truly is the adaptation…. What you’re making is your individual decision. What you do for a residing is your individual decision..the way you settle directly to pay on your Dr. Visits is your individual company no longer the governments.

Who ever said liberals want the government to control everything?

Ever heard of Alexander Hamilton. I suggest you read up on him. His ideas for the basis for the liberal support of using government for human advancement.

Liberals don’t believe that.


Liberals recognize that government can and should play an important role in the free market by regulating what private businesses can do, for the safety and well-being of its citizens. I personally don’t like anti-freeze in my toothpaste (for example). Would you? Or are corporate profits more important?

There are three groups of liberals, each with their own reason:

Largest: ACTUALLY believe government is a supernatural force; that ONLY government can do a plethora of critically needed tasks that are simply impossible for mere mortals. Government is essentially their god, without whose blessing we are all surely doomed, they think.

Middle: Recognize themselves as so severely less-than human as to be utterly unable to stay alive unless someone they never met over-rides their every decision with FORCE or threat thereof.

Smallest: Bask in the “reflected glory” of powerful tyrants they giddily admire while aspiring to become their peers.

You mean things like telling a woman what to do with her own body(R)?
Things like wanting constitutional amendments to discriminate against fellow Americans (R)?

That kind of control?

Because the Government already does control everything STUPID

I know I do not want the government to control anything.

We don’t simple answer. On the other hand why do you want to be controlled by for profit corporations?


Because they are afraid that if they controlled it, then the government would be too liberal to control anything.

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