How low do you think the media will allow Obama’s numbers to fall ?

The media has too much invested in Obama to show his real numbers so how low do you think they his popularity numbers will get before the media says that’s enough

Well, I am pretty positive the Liberal papers media will let his approval rating numbers sink to a bottomless pit because he won’t bail out their bankrupt newspapers. The Chicago Sun Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News, and The New York Times is barely hangling on a thread.

The ONLY media that will be left, and who tell the truth will be the fair, and balanced media, like Fox, papers like the SD Union Tribune. MSNBC is near dead, NBC….what happened to CBS? <—dead? ABC<—-DEFG?

(the New York Times suspended the payment of any dividends this quarter amid the slump of its share value to six cents. The paper’s earnings declined by 48% in the last quarter of 2008 and even its revenue from online ads fell for the first time. The Sulzberger family, which publishes the paper, was recently forced to accept an injection of $250m (£172m) from Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico’s richest man.)

He, he, ha, ha! Take that you lying biased excuses for journalism! EVERY single one of these newspapers is biased for the LEFT, and never told the facts, but embellished, and created them.

NO bail-outs for these suckas, and they have no one but themselves to blame. They’ll turn on Obama because they now realize he doesn’t consider them an asset to his regime. Out with the old, and he don’t care!

Personaly i do no longer supply a rattling how low his numbers fall, i admire what he’s doing. he’s exhibiting lots extra pasion for this conrty then Bush ever did. he’s tryin each and every thing to get this conrty decrease back on objective, it is not his falt that lots of contributors of congres do no longer trust him. they do exactly no longer want a demacrat (no longer to point a black guy) to be the single to keep this contry. I voted for him because of the fact i think in him, and he’s exhibiting me that I dint make a mistake. Plus those polls nicely maximum of them are collect by making use of wethey human beings, how in maximum situations are republicans. Who cares what his numbers are like, Bush became the main hated presadent yet yet became voted two times.

Not long. They will simply ask enough people on a poll to get the desired results they want to tell us. Rasmussen is the only one I trust, too. The rest are all in the tank for Obama and the Democrats.

Yeah – he’s popular in Europe.

We’re evil – “dismissive and derisive.” Gimme a break.

WE saved their bacon. They’d all be speaking German and kowtowing to the Divine Emperor of Japan if we hadn’t stepped up. Now we’re supposed to praise them for ‘training Police Officers.’ While the masses burn down the City around them.
What did my Father risk his life and lose his youth for?
And now they want my SON?!? NO!

Those of us who have any brains at all know that the media lies thru their teeth, and that they fabricate and postulate and do everything they can to push their liberal agenda. I believe they will support Obama no matter what the truth happens to be at the time.

I’ve been surprised his numbers haven’t been higher. The highest approval number I’ve seen was 70% a few days after he assumed office. The numbers have dipped slightly or significantly, depending on the poll, since then.

I dont think the liberal media would drop it too far. They dont want people to know the truth. Watch republican new, cuz they are more trusted

There are independent pollsters, so biased pollsters are at risk if they falsify their numbers. However, the media affects popularity numbers in the way they slant the news.

Have to agree Will, thinking more like high 20’s to low 30’s, Then the
good ink guys will have to actually print what the world really thinks
about this jerk.

They’re not showing his real numbers in the first place nor are they polling anyone except his supporters. Why don’t they go down south and take a poll? His numbers would be around .001% if they polled in a neighborhood where houses are valued at $200K or more. However, if they polled in a neighborhood where the houses are valued around 50K or less and there is plenty of govt. housing in the area, his numbers would be 99% easy. Their polls are EXTREMELY biased.

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