Illegal Immigrant Drivers?

If I am driving, obeying every single road law, and an Uninsured Illegal Immigrant hits me and is totally in the wrong, do I get compensation?

Uh no…..Same if as a citizen hit you and had no insurance…..Who would “compensate” you? Unless you had full coverage, you would be out of luck….

I don’t think that an illegal immigrant would be a worse driver than a naturalized citizen. Both can cause crashes and both can cost a lot of money. The difference is someone here illegally cannot get insurance which means that if you are hit you are SOL. There is a reason it is the law to have car insurance. And just because he didn’t hurt anybody this time or cause damage doesn’t mean there wont be a next time.

From whom? Your insurance company, that’s who! Assuming that you have Uninsured Motorist coverage…

It’s the “Law of Unintended Consequences” at work here. Some politicians sold the public a bill of goods convincing them that illegals should be denied driver’s licenses and auto insurance. So now we have the situation that you mention.

At least when I was rear-ended by an illegal seveal years ago, HE had a license and insurance and I collected from that insurance.

Be careful what you wish for as your wish may just come true.

At least you’ve figured out the problem. Call your insurance agent tomorrow and add uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage to your policy. Then someone will pay.

I think the government of the country the person comes from should personally compensate you for a million dollars, no questions asked. That way, the responsibility gets passed on to the people that really deserve it. Also, the incident should be reported to the state police, so they can deport the person.

If he/she has assets here they might be vulnerable. If not – good luck. If there is a lot of loss they will probably just fade-into hiding or return to their country of origin,

Someone close to me experienced this same sort of scenario. The culpret – drunk – crashed into my friend’s car, totalling it and leaving her crippled for life. That illegal fled the country.

So any compensation would be from your insurance company.

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I live In Mount Vernon washington – My wife got rearended by an illegal alien on his way to get free food – as when the cop came all he had was a social services card as an ID – no driver’s lic and no insurance and no registration – and yes the cop didn’t call INS just gave him a ticket and let him go….
Thankfully my wife was in our truck and only had minor light damage – his car was totaled….thankfully.
No there are two sets of laws one for those of us who are here legally and one for those who choose to break the law every day….But the worst part is there are people who think that’s okay ….boggles the mind….how they get away with so much.

Well yea if you have uninsured motorist coverage….Only about $50.00 every 6 months as an addendum to current coverage…but the last time I used that part of my coverage…I was hit by a stolen car…..hit and run…..An American was driving and was later caught and jailed.

Insurance will pay you charged to the illegal immigrant plus deportation.

I think u should pay him/her(the illegal) cuz it was ur fault not to avoid the accident cuz u should have known that the driver was illegal. Didn’t u hear the hispanic loud music from his/her car ? Didn’t u see the Turban on his head or the big beard on his face ? Then whose fault is it ??? AAAA !!!

No you will not.. and the illegal will only get deported that is if they, the government got the time to do it.

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