1000-Maybe 2000 dollars Mustang performance budget?

I have an ’02 mustang gt. I looked at some superchargers (Eaton, Kenne Belle, etc.) but they seem too expensive. So I’m mainly looking for hp and torque, but suspension upgrades will be considered. maybe somewhere in the 300ish hp range. 5 speed.

i would get basic bolt ons like a cat back exhaust cold air intake and some headers to start with. you could also get new camshafts and gears. make sure you get a tuner too that way you will get the most power out of your performance mods.
americanmuscle.com is a good site
just look around that site and i promise you will find stuff that will make that thing much faster. but whatever you add please get a tuner and even getting a tuner on a stock mustang will up the power and torque quite a bit. a basic tuner on that site is about 380 if i remember correctly

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