1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT ABS Light?

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I recently had brakes replaced on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, and immediately the ABS light came on steadily (not blinking). The shop that replaced the brakes say the light isn’t a problem, and refuse to remedy it. I understand that with it steadily on just means the ABS isn’t working. The point…

call that so called shop & threaten a report to the better business bureau. this is an important safety system & should be functional at all time,s. the light should never have come on in the first place. I suspect they damaged a sensor or wiring. did they replace the rotor,s? did they use the right one,s? in any case a reputable shop would never let a car go back to the owner saying that it is not a problem. it is a very big problem….P.S. …the antilock,s work off a seperate computer than your on board running system…no need to reset.

Pontiac Grand Am Gt 1999

My guess is they broke the wire to the front wheel sensor. You will probably have to take it to another shop as soon as possible. The faster the better and then get it fixed. Bad part is you will end up in small claims court. Document everything gas, time of work etc. No you can not reset the comp. it does a self test every time you start it and that is a hard fault.

This is a common problem on GM cars. Mine has it. It is not caused by changing the brakes unless you are a complete moron. The ABS wheel speed sensors go bad and the front wheel bearings need to be replaced to fix it as the sensor is part of the bearing assembly.

And no, the computer does not need resetting when changing brakes.

I agree with Slipstream. The shop broke something and are trying to get out of fixing it. If it was not on when you took it there, then I should not have been on when you picked it up. My guess is they damaged the sensor harness or connector when doing your brakes.

they mite broke the abs wire or damger the sensor

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