A question to ponder on … Do you ever get ….?

On your own nerves ? How is one able to get away from themselves ? Goodnight … before I get on my own …

You made me burst out laughing!!!
That is such a good question. Guess the only way to get away from ourselves is to go to sleep –exactly where I’m heading too.
Yes — I do get on my own nerves especially when I’m tired.
I get all flustered at the simplest mistake………………zzzzzzzz

Yes, I am starting to get on my own nerves. Since discovering Yahoo Answers about a year ago, it seems like I put housework off more and more. I can’t stand the way my house looks right now, and because of me, it is getting on my nerves also.

Oddly I get on my own nerves a lot. Sometimes I hear my parents berating me, sometimes I just get so tired of being me with my same old problems and short comings. The best thing to do when this happens is focus on someone else’s problems or read a book or play with your dogs. Dogs are great ego boosters, its that unconditional love thing.

Only those who lack self-confidence and self-esteem get on their nerves. They get jittery over the most trivial of things. I suggest they take up useful hobbies to fill up the slacks in their lives.

I get on my nerves because i wish i had more confidence. If i had more confidence i would achieve a lot more in life. So many things have passed me by because of me, god i get on my nerves.

I am constantly on my own nerves. I think and analyse way too much! I usually write to keep myself busy lol.

Go to any Walmart & I guarantee you’ll soon forget all about anything related to yourself. Trust me…just go & have a look around…your nerves will be on a totally different frequency when you leave that store!

Volunteer to do something for someone.
Pop in and see a friend who can’t get out
Read with children at a local school
Join a library group.
Read for children at a library

Better my own nerves, than someone elses, I figure.

I actually hate to say this but I don’t usually get on my own nerves. We get along pretty well together…. (wink)

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