Atheists, have you found Jesus yet? which scriptures below do you like best? ?

It’s very hard to choose indeed! Please cast your votes early!!!! Or share your own!

Yes, I found Religion. I found it to be completely worthless
God Loves you! Some restrictions apply…
Have I found Jesus? Don’t tell me he’s lost AGAIN!
You Found God? If nobody claims him in 30 days, He’s Yours!
He’s your…

I’ve got nothing against Jesus, it’s his fan club I can’t stand.

you will have a few more chances to repent as you see the one world order arrive, Israel decimate Russia Iran and a confederation of other nations. Then a man will arise and for a global peace pact with the world including the middle east; the jews will give back land and get recognition from the arab states and also build the temple again. About this time yo will be required to take a mark to buy or sell and these words i tell you are that even then after al your mocking God’s loving mercy will still be available for you. When you see these things I hope you remember not to fear and to call on the name of Jesus who will forgive you. These are very specific prophecies but God has batted 100 percent so far so when this happens, you still have a chance,

I am sorry you are so bitter now against Christians; but the hypocrisy of these days in the church was also spoken of; is it kind funny to see a Global collape eminentant at the same time the world has rejected God for the most part; your Christ less utopia will be the greatest time of suffering and anguish in the history of man.

Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers.

It stuck out the most!! OMG These are so funny!!!

Yes, I found Religion. I found it to be completely worthless
Support the theory of evolution, 400 billion amphibians can’t be wrong

Those are all pretty good.

How about “He beats me at hide and seek every time we play!”

That one wasn’t on there.

edit — Rosemary, such loving sentiment can only come from a Christian. You have certainly convinced me that anyone who calls a person they don’t know an “idiot” while trying to convert them could only be a Christian. Congrats!


This question reminds me of those “Where is Waldo” books. Have you found Waldo yet? Someone could make a bit of money on a “Have you found Jesus” book set. They could hide him in all sorts of situations and kids could look for him….

Hmm, tough choice, but I’m going to have to go with a write-in: I’m not entirely sure anything can beat “Judaism vs. Christianity: the original flame war over whether or not a new addition should be considered canon.” “Born OK the first time” was always one of my favorites, though.

I found Jesus to be as much of a fraud as the bible thumpers on tv are.

Lets mock jesus!

Seriously. Lets. Who wants to start the first jesus mocking question?

I can do it, but i don’t know if it will show up.

lol I like ’em all!
Personally, I think He’s hiding in the closet. Could explain why he loves women and MEN.

Very funny. I would love to have some bumper stickers with some of these phrases on them. Where I live though, I would get shot. Thanks for the laugh though.

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