Bush signed a lame duck law, the “conscience rule” allowing any medical person to refuse any medical procedure?

They find morally objectionable. Before you cheer for the implications on abortions and the like, this means ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE, and by any person in the medical field, clerks, janitors, receptionists, etc. So, if you’re rushed into an ER from a car accident, and you’re bleeding to death, and a…

This is an abomination. It is vile and contemptible. It serves as proof that the man in insane, acts only with the intent at forcing his fundamentalist religiosity on the rest of the world, and has no qualifications for being president. I’m only happy that there are 31 days left of his asinine and pathetic “leadership”.

To speak of morality is to consider effects on society. To act with intent to prohibit treatment simply because one finds the treatment morally objectionable is to, in fact, behave immorally. This is perfect testament to the fact that morality from God is not absolute, is not itself perfect, and is not at all worth following.

This was foul play of the worst sort, and I do not think for an instant that President Obama will allow it to stand once he takes office.

By your description, it is obvious you haven’t researched this matter thoroughly. You stated “So, if you’re rushed into an ER from a car accident, and you’re bleeding to death, and a Jehovah’s Witness janitor is in the hospital, she can walk into the ER and interrupt the doctors from giving you blood.”

WRONG. The proposed law would permit medical facilities, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other HEALTH-CARE WORKERS to refuse to PARTICIPATE in any procedure they find morally objectionable.

Firstly, a janitor is not considered a “health care worker” under existing Federal statutes defining this term (such as HIPAA).

Secondly, the law would permit the health care worker to refuse to PARTICIPATE. The law wouldn’t give the health care worker the right to burst in and demand a patient not receive a procedure.

Therefore, under your scenario, the janitor would rush into the ER, demand the patient not receive a blood transfusion and two things would happen:

1) he would get disciplined for such an inappropriate outburst; and
2) his demand would be ignored, because he has no right to refuse care on behalf of the PATIENT.

EDIT: You are misinterpreting what you’ve read. I have nearly 11 years experience reading and interpreting federal and state health care laws, and “health care provider” is defined pretty much the same under ALL of them. It would NOT include a janitor. Further, the law proposed by Pres. Bush would NOT permit a person — whether s/he is a health care provider or not — who is unattached to the situation to step in and stop a procedure s/he disagrees with it. It would ONLY permit a health care provider WHO HAS BEEN ASKED TO PROVIDE A SERVICE to deny THAT SERVICE based on RELIGIOUS OR PERSONAL beliefs.

Thus for example: a Catholic-run hospital would NOT have to provide birth control and/or abortion services through its outpatient GYN clinic;

And: an OB/GYN specializing in infertility treatment, who is also an Evangelical Christian, would NOT have to provide artificial insemination services to a lesbian;

And: an OB/GYN who is an atheist, and who believes abortion is immoral (yes, there are quite a few of those), would NOT be required to provide the service.

I wonder if that smelly shoe throwing incident caused his brain to swell?

To answer your question, a president will do a lot of desperate things to the last few days of his office, but this one thing is very unusual. He doesn’t have to fear impeachment proceedings because this takes too much time. He is using the last few days to the best advantage to get out his twisted ideas into law.

i’m hoping obama will undue the damage bush has done with stupid laws like that. this law also allows pharmacists to play morality police and not fill birth control prescriptions. no wonder abortion rates are so high under republican administrations. i think medical ‘professionals’ who cannot keep their job and their religion separate should not be allowed to be in the medical field at all.

i think you misread it, it says they don’t have to PARTICIPATE in any procedure if they find it immoral. they don’t get to just waltz around room to room interrupting care.

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