Does the fact that we evolve/progress materialistically and technologically somehow overlay a construct?

Onto our psyches in which we then think that we can somehow evolve, or progress, psychologically/spiritually.

If you do not think so then please explain where you think this idea comes from that we can somehow evolve spiritually?

Are we any more evolved spiritually/psychologically then we were thousands of…

ok let’s get to the point.

from the dawn of this civilization until now some things about humans have changed and some things have not changed, but overall, we as a species have improved and progressed somehow, someway in all areas of concern.

our materialism and technology may or may not reflect spiritual value fulfillment, depending on how selective you are of what you think of as evidence to prove your point.

how, for instance, do you measure progress?

one of the best ways I’ve learned for measuring progress is to notice how we as individuals and as a civilization solve our problems and overcome our challenges, and if and how we strive to improve the overall quality of existence and all that it implies.

we are definitely more evolved than we were 1000 years ago.
cpnsider this:
we may appear savage when we storehouse nuclear weapons, but we are civilized in the sense that we have higher expectations of ourselves and each other that we won’t use those weapons lightly.
(a thousand years ago, the nations would have used them against each other without batting an eye.
hence they did not come into possession of that technology…..but we did.)

I don’t blame you for feeling some angst and cynicism about the human condition.
We stand on the summit of material/financial knowledge and wisdom taken as far as we can take it and wonder:
Is this all there is?
Why am I not happy?
Why are we still fighting?

be of good cheer…..not all of us have pursued purely material gain.
there have been many like yourself… voices crying in the wilderness:
“we better get our shiit together!”
slowly but slowly more and more are listening and the golden rule is thriving and bearing fruit.

(and what’s wrong with our animal natures?
we are 1/7th animal, after all, but we are consious animals capable of producing loving technologies…
consider our musical creations..)

—–fair enough, I accept the challenge, but don’t forget, you must open your mind and really try to understand me, and truly consider what I am saying, and you must let me be myself……it does no good to let my words fall on deaf ears and a closed mind while you are only concerned with your next response.
If you’re already set on your conclusions and you are trying to convert me, then I am all ears.
that being said:

ok I’m a little confused about your motives; what is your intention? Are you against the idea that progress is a reality at all?
You use the terms, “psychological/spiritual progress” as if you had an idea of it, and you mention “..the fact that we evolve/progess…” , yet you say “When you are caught up in the idea of progression you are removed from the truth of the now.” so now I’m getting all kinds of mixed messages.
Is your Q about not having any idea of progress at all or is it about the idea that we have not progressed at all?

—–ok cool, I’m glad you extended your Q.
anyways, you typed:
“My question is about both I suppose. It really depends on what you think. If you think we should look at spirituality as progression then of course I am curious to see how you think we have progressed. If you do not think that spirituality is a progression then I am curious as to why everything I read with regards to spirituality references some sort of path or levels or higher and lower type principles all of which to me seem quite divisive to the human community.”

We exist, experience, and operate on many levels at once, but there are no divisions except those made for the sake of discussion.
We are whole selves; indivisible.
The part of us that exists in time tends to hold a linear idea of progression, i.e. first is awakening, next is enlightenment, next is ascension.
The inner self knows fully well that all time is now.
In a manner of speaking, awakening, enlightenment, etc. are for the outer self therefore knowledge must be translated in ways that that part of us can understand or else it wouldn’t make sense.
You are learning how to create your life; you are learning the powers of your own thoughts, feelings and actions.
You will evolve whether you want to or not…consciousness will turn itself inside out to do so, but progession doesn’t happen as if moving in a straight line.
Instead, you grow in all directions at once like an expanding universe.
You are in a state of becoming more than you were.
You are in a state of becoming more yourself.
In those terms, there are beings who are more enlightened than you, but don’t get hung up on that.
What they have learned before us helps us.
We benefit by the discoveries of those who came before us and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

They are journeying and you are journeying.
We have journeying in common, therefore we are equals.

The fact that materialism and technology has evolved beyond our spiritual nature, even though there are some of a nature of well being, that think to sway by stimulation of Mind and Heart, to point out right and wrong in big ways, not the little problems, the big problems first, I am not shy of speaking of weapons of mass destruction that kill the common people, I do understand programming, manipulation, stimulation, inspiring, input, influx. Why do I think we can evolve spiritually, we already have, spirit is spirit, whether it is good or bad, it is still spiritual, evolve does not care, it just evolves. A savage ? uncivilized, vicious, cruel, furious, it has everything to do with other humans, not animals, the word savage is, “a wood”, old French, salvage, knowledge and wisdom is a good point to ponder, but be of care of what is in the world, by what I understand all were blind, and the scales are just now beginning to fall from the eyes, LOL, I love the ah-ha, there is a guide line to follow in knowledge and wisdom, know ledger, wise domain, I have watched different beliefs come together in peace to seek and find truth, the thing about a belief, it is a little short of know, but still a notion, no shun. Peace to you my friend, and know, the living God loves all, not just this group or that group, but the group that grows up, grew up, and when they do, they will see the beasts that can not be seen but are seen.

psychologically is a terminology related to physical level and spiritually relates to spirit. Psychology is more related to materialism than spiritualism. They cannot therefore be bracketed together. Materialistic progress is differentiation, proliferation,multiplication, multiplication by division, disintegration, degeneration, destruction, desssolution, deconvolution, desynthesis, decomposition, evolution from spiritual to material, from strong values relating to the being toward weak values related to material wealth and away from the being, from unity to infinity, which are not sustainable.development whereas the ego in us reminds and tells us every minute that is the truth and we unfortunately believe the illussion as truth and follow it blindly towards material pleasures.

We can progress spiritually is not an idea, it is the essence of the being called human being, it is felt empirically as well as through the faculties of cognizance, thought and awareness or consciousness and building upon that the process culminates in the undifferentiating process of returning to the source. Our spiritual progress is like a spec compared to what has been a thousand years ago. We are moving away from the centre like a ripple in the water weakening at its largest or widest perimeters until it cease to exist. A materialist can never be better than a spiritualist.

One Should not mix misinterpretation of religions and their teachings and subsequent fanatic thinking with Spiritualism. Spiritualism is an individual path. Each person treads his path. Lust and love and desire for the matter or material belonging which is vertically opposite to spiritual path of wisdom and values is responsible for the savage state of affairs. Realize your self and let each individual tread his own path towards spiritual awakening, then religions shall meet their end as no religions are required to show the path. Let not be followers, let all be leaders.

The only condition is that the path of Dharma should be known and should not be abandoned. Right thinking, Right Speech and Right Actions are the key to Dharma. Wisdom shows Dharma. Wisdom leads to Devotion and devotion leads to spiritual awakening. .What should make us humble is the fact that all science put together, all knowledge put together, what the human beings know is only a spec considering the amount of knowledge available in this universe.

Well I would say that, generally speaking, evolution doesn’t favor any particular outcome. I mean we could very well evolve into something more stupid if survival demanded it. But intelligence and being able to get along together are very good survival skills so of course those things are likely favored.

I think people would often describe “spirituality” as a general emotional connection to nature… a kind of “being at one” and “appreciative” type of thing. This type of thinking is probably good for our survival and I can see us really needing that mentality if we are going to get through the next few hundred years considering how we have trashed the planet recently.

<Does the fact that we evolve/progress materialistically and technologically somehow overlay a construct onto our psyches in which we then think that we can somehow evolve, or progress, psychologically/spiritually.>
Why hello! I think a lot of people have that sort of mind set. They think that the more material “success” they have, that they can be happy,…not realizing that they be trippin’ if they think all this technology $, & shiit is gonna make them happy, & that one must look inside if something seems to be wrong, or if we feel spiritually empty, or unhappy for w/e reason. These “toys” as you call them, they don’t make us happy, they make kids happy. I mean, i’ve seen little kids who are happy with the stupidest toys even though their parents have bought them like a zillion other nicer, more expensive toys…they chose the stupidest little thing that their parents prolly didn’t even wanna buy for them! lmao. I love it! I think as adults we have forgotten about that & that we can find joy in all the simple things & have conditioned ourselves to think that money+power=happiness. Naw F that. When you want that you will never be satisfied cause there will always be more & more & you won’t feel complete until & unless you always have everything, which is never. My mom said something in the car today that really upset me. She said that if she had been born here she would married herself the richest man & she’d be living Happily right now. I really wanted to tell her WOW F&CK YOU ARE YOU REALLY F&CKING SAYING THAT RIGHT NOW & get out the car, but i didn’t. My dad works harder than so many of those mutherfuckers whose wives sit at home buy gucci & prada …..Alll this shiit so that we can live in the place we live right now, that BTW SHE made us buy even though we couldn’t afford it…. He’s out busting as$ so that SHE doesn’t have to work & she can sit on her *** all day & pretend she’s cleaning the house & tending to her children. WOW really!!!! She Doesn’t even ******* WORK!!! Are you SERIOUSLY complaining & shiit….oh man i wanted to tell her off so bad…anyhoo. Enough of that. I hope ranting is good for the soul cause i’m doing it a whole

I don’t know how spiritually evolved people like used to be or w/e but i would guess that they prolly had more going spiritually then many have now…i think toys & shiit keep us from enjoying spiritual things

<Are we still the same savages only with a 4G wireless internet connection?> LOL you’re hella funny but i think yes, we sure are.
Same idea- is it better to kill your meat with your own gun, or to pay a bunch of people in some farm to abuse the cows, keep them in confined spaces, feed them some shiit that prolly isn’t even grass, & then when they are of no use to them chop their heads off one by one & send ’em off to safeway. I think that’s worse. Don’t get me wrong, i think it’s awful…but i still do it….isn’t that worse…that i’m okay with it as long as i don’t have to witness it? Isnt that kind of making us eat it more cause we dont have to feel bad about it?

Anyways i’m wayy off topic now…idk what im even saying. Time for a J right quick in the garage? I think so 🙂


I think that with certain material and technological advancements we have the ability to actually devolve spiritually, and its up to us to make the proper choices. Let me give you an example:

The more we remove ourselves from the environment that was made for us (nature), the more we immerse ourselves in the environment we make for ourselves (cities).

The more people live deep in the cities, the more they can forget about the interconnected balance put in place (nature) that sustains them.

Just as your heart or kidney doesn’t think about performing its function, the animals and plants don’t think about it, they perform. The only organ in our body that thinks about its performance is the brain.

Humans are the brain of the earth. A mind can be happy or it can be depressed. Depression happens to a brain when it doesn’t take care of itself or its body. Happiness comes when the mind finds the balance necessary to live with itself and its body.

The mind must be in a place where it is aware of and taking care of its body.

This balance will come by utilizing certain true forms of technology, and abandoning the perversions of it.

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