From where I can delet every trace of visited sites in my cmputer?

I am using my computer within a net of useres connected to a main server. All visited websites for all computers are saved for two days in the main server. My question is:

1. How to delet every trace of visited sites from my computer
2. How to delet same thing from the main server given that I have no physical…

What you are asking is impossible, because I can give you software that will only clean your system, the data will still remain on your HDD. And the only way to get rid of the data so that a computer forensic expert is unable to strip off the data is either beat your HDD to death with a hammer., no expert can strip any data when the HDD, has been beaten with a hammer. Or remove the HDD and put it in your safe or home.

Both are excellent free program with no spyware or trojans.

Both of these program I use. The first one will will clean your system and registry of issue that you don’t need, and back them up to your documents. The second one will clean up all registry key you don’t need and will also give you a restore point.

As for 2, you will have to know how to hack into the server and find all your data and remove. And that is a crime.

Also go to IE tool bar, open Tools, open Internet Options, and delete all your temp files, history, and cookies.

Minddoctor, France

I do the flaws your different respondents have pronounced, as a count needless to say. besides the undeniable fact that, I additionally understand that stuff remains saved on your problematical stress, so in case you have visited dodgy sites etc those will nevertheless be on your computing device. Window washing device will sparkling those out of your problematical stress, yet i haven’t tried it because of the fact i do no longer opt to fully wash my problematical stress – i think of you in user-friendly terms try this whilst you’re, as an occasion, advertising your computing device. So i’m additionally finding for something which will do away with all the internet sites i’ve got visited out of interest yet would not want absolutely everyone else to appreciate approximately!

I do the matters your different respondents have urged, as a matter of course. Nonetheless, I also be aware of that stuff remains to be saved on your rough drive, so in the event you’ve visited dodgy sites and many others these will still be on your laptop. Window Washer will clear these out of your difficult force, however i haven’t tried it considering i don’t need to utterly wash my rough force – I believe you most effective do that if you are, for instance, selling your laptop. So i’m additionally watching for whatever with a view to get rid of all of the websites I’ve visited out of curiosity however would now not want anyone else to learn about!

It involves physical access to the server. An act of burglary.
Pins and Needles for two days.

1. go to internet tools—options—- and click delete cookies and delete history.

2.that with your server i dont know, if your a webmaster you can delete your files. if not wait until it will be deleted.

I am not sure if this answers your question about the server, but this will remove it from your computer at home.…

i dont tink you can sorry =(

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