Georgia School Principal Making Students Pledge Allegiance to Obama – What does this remind you of?

Did any of you hear the reports on the Georgia School Principal who informed her student body that they were NOT, in fact, pledging Allegiance to the United States of America BUT directly to Barack Obama.
I heard it on Neil Bortz (?) this afternoon – a program I don’t usually listen to. He followed up that a…

I would say it is right on schedule.

Of course it sounds like Hitler, and Mao and Mugabee. Any dictator, you name it. That’s how it is done.

If you want to have a little fun, research the “Know Nothing Legislation” That brought mandatory public school education the USA.
It had Prussian roots. (Okay, blame it on Napoleon) The Prussians couldn’t believe they were hammered by the French so they swore “never again” so they instituted the mandatory public education of the masses. (not the elite) They were determined to create a nation of obedient workers and soldiers.

Many scholarly historians blame the first and second world wars directly on the German Public School System. The system we copied to integrate the Catholic immigrants.

It is interesting research. While you are at it, research John Taylor Gatto, multiple winner of Teacher of the Year in New York. He quite teaching because he no longer wanted to harm children. He is a dedicated fan of home education now.

Lincoln said,”what is taught in the schools today will be government policy in twenty years.”

Who is teaching your children? And what the ****are they teaching them? Most of them are practically illiterate for crying out loud!

I would like to see a link to this. No one has a right to have anyone pledge allegiance to anyone or anything but the flag. If this is true, then it was not Obama who made this happen. It was a nutty teacher. Also, no teacher should call a child a snitch. That is street talk, and doesnt belong in the school. The teacher is wrong, if this is the case, and should be suspended at the very least.

For ounce I agree with the SFC. Disgusting! Although I cannot find anything about it on snopes or Yahoo or Google.. Just as bad, you know in Texas teachers were teaching creationism as if it were science and they are pushing to get it put into text books. I guess just to save parents that want that as part of their childrens’ education the trouble of attending Church to learn it.

Boy, if only you had a source for this info, I’d believe you. I’m not claiming that you lied, but I’m sure you were lied to.

Here’s a site that says the story came from Nevada, not Georgia. Urban legend, anyone?…


It badly recall us in Europa how they let vote the poeple at east inder the communist or socialist boot.
You have to trust nurse she knows this countries better than me.

The general secretary has been elected with 99% of voices and the other candidate has been poisonned with orange stuff
Please it’s not a joke…..

I find it remarkable how quickly a free country can descend into socialism in two months. As long as Obama’s in office, I do not give my loyalty to him, but rather my great State who refuses Obama’s unemployment “stimulus” package. Its nothing but cheap money with strings attached to it to make the states conform to socialism.

If this is True then every member of the school district that had knowledge of it should be fired and banned from ever teaching in the USA again.

US Army

This is nothing more than an Internet hoax, being circulated by the hate-filled Right Wing freaks.
If you truly heard it on a radio show, I wouldn’t listen to an idiot that fell for that kind of thing, and reported it as news.
Cause they obviously aren’t real journalists.

You know I love me some Obama- but I have to wonder how that person became a Principal when they don’t understand the pledge.

I’m curious to know the race stats at that school. I have a pretty good idea, though.

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