Have you ever called a number you got from the bathroom stall?

For a good time call??? are you guilty??? Fess up!!

,Yes. And unfortunately for me, my mom answered. Damn, do I feel stupid.

I’m telling dad!

No way. If I sink that low I will hang myself. Besides, they are written to embarrass someone, as a prank. There is no “good time” to be had at the other end of the call.

Are you suggesting that we have talked?
I don’t feel guilty about anything, the only one i have tried to call turned out to be the local pizza place.

No, I haven’t called one of those numbers.

nope.. but I’ve wondered if it were real…most likely some girl that pissed of the guy that night

I think you’d have to be a jerk to call… for that reason

lol i have for a laugh I have put ppl’s numbers up its usually someone playing a prank

Nope, never! It’s usually my number anyways…

Yes…it was my friends number…I called to tell him his # was on the bar bathroom wall……..lol

No……..I am a tad afraid to find out who is on the other line

Nope I have never done that.

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