I can’t decide who I would vote for…please help? ?

I think that Obama IS a lot like the antichrist…”handsome”, good speaker, but I don’t know if God is real or not at the moment.

I don’t see much wrong with McCain, just that he voted with Bush nearly 90% of the time. And look what THAT did >______< Now we’re screwed and America, the youngest nation at that,…

Despite all the fraudulent, racial, slander Obama has had to endure, even though he’s Takin’ a Lickin’, he’s still Tickin’…

McPalin have almost had their 15 minutes of fame. A year from now, they’ll be a Trivia question…”Who was on the republican Ticket in 2008?”…Most people won’t even be able to remember their names!

Ask them,”What about the issues that are important to you? Which one supports the isssues favorably for you?” I don’t see how McCain voting with Bush makes him Bush as if everything Bush did was wrong. In fact he did a lot of good things. I didn’t agree with invading Iraq or the Patriot Act but both McCain and Obama supported it in a way. He didn’t alway vote with Bush. Obama is focusing on McCain’s vote and his deregulation in the economy. If you’re pro life and don’t want gun control, don’t vote for Obama. If you want big government with higher taxes, non privatized social security socialized medicine, vote Obama. I suppose obama is better for women. I’m not sure how he plans to help learning disabled kids. McCain would probably help them more. He might end up being the best wartime president in Iraq after all. He’s got a point. what have they been fighting for if we leave before victory…if there is such a thing as..I’m not a Christian but the whole antichrist argument actually seems to fit that Obama guy…if there is an antichrist..I guess almost anyone could be the antichrist if you stretch it far enough.

Don’t vote at the urge of others. Your ballot is your own. It is your right and civic duty. You must educate yourself and make the decision that best suits you and your family. Not just today but also in the future.

Do not listen to the nasty rhetoric of venomous people who are set on trashing the character of people they do not know and will not take the time to really listen to. Find out where each candidate REALLY stands and make an informed decision.

There’s still time. Regarding your local elections, you should be able to find the same information on the candidates’ websites. Because I do not know you or where you live I can not reference an unbiased site. However, your voters guide will outline the initiatives that will be up for vote. Vote smart. Use your head (and even your heart). But, do not listen to these lunatics who are calling people anti-Christs, rednecks, and geezers. Check the facts!

I’m a Christian, but I do not believe Obama is the antichrist.

When I vote for a candidate, I look at their platform on social issues first…abortion, gay marriage, the moral ‘stuff’…

Values are the pillar of society and without good morals, a nation falls into decay.

I voted for John McCain because there needs to be a stopping point. This country has fallen far enough.

I don’t care about race – it’s all about the viewpoints.

Whether or not you believe in God, surely you believe in morals and values in some form. Personal beliefs play a big part in politics. It all depends on what you see as moral and right.

No country should be run as the people want. It is a government’s duty to do what is best for the people, not what the people want. If W E Gladstone had asked the people, if laws should be introduced to control distribution of gin, they would have rejected the idea. As it stands, he didn’t, which stopped many people from causing their own deaths, needlessly. Who would ask someone dependant on a substance, if they should be aloud more, or if the level and availability should be kept the same? After all, if the public vote for what happens in a country, they will vote for more benefit, with less responsibility: people who receive benefits, could receive incredibly high levels of money.

Any one answer you get from me or anyone on here is not going to help make an informed decision. I won’t even say who I’m voting for so that you can make up your own mind.
I would like for you to go to BOTH McCain and Obama’s websites and read what their plans and intentions are for this country and make a decision based on that.
If you can get your parents over your shoulders or print things out for them to read off of both sites that would be helpful also.
I know my own feelings and opinions but I want you to do what is best for you and want your parents to do what is best for them.
You ask a great question and will get a lot of answers going both ways so my best advice is to do your own homework and simply look at the candidate’s websites as that is where you will get the facts you need.
You can also figure out what taxes are going to come down to by going to www.taxcutfacts.org; please try that one also.
Good Luck and God Bless

Burton—–you wont be taxed if you get sick, tax the benefit you get from your employer for health care, (tips are taxed) But he will give 5000 for your health insurance. So you make out as it will be a tax cut.

The independant league of woman voters said that McCains economic plan will get us out of this downward spiral faster

McCains poll numbers went up and so did the dtock market today. Coincidence?

that taxcut.com—-try to do different circumstances in there. The middle class gets screwed and the poor gets a check.


because mccain is AGAINST abortion, even in cases of rape and incest…

also,,he wants to change nothing about iraq

obama wants to take them out of iraq and finish the fight with the 9/11 supporters (that last part scares me and is much more dangerous but..oh well)

also barrack obama can help your father,
he promises that no person that makes under 50,000 (i think) a year’s taxes wont be raised.!

Thses are always hard kind of decisions. I’d say follow your heart cause your mind usually follows your heart in the end. You’ve made some really good points and I feel you will do the right thing.

Ignore some of these answers from those who have no desire to help people but make things harder for them.

If you liked Hillary, then you’ll like Obama much better than McCain. Hillary may even be a part of Obama’s administration even though she says she isn’t interested, she would not turn down a chance to implement her healthcare plan.

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