I heard a rumor that If Newt win the nomination, Obama will pick Bill Clinton as his running mate?

This will remind people that Newt was a big cranky baby during the Clinton years and will also remind peoples of their sex scandals which will hurt Newt more since the republicans are supposed to be the party of “morality”. I also think this will set Hilary up perfectly in 2012.

But I have to ask,…

Aside from the correct responses that Clinton cannot be VP, BHO does not like him for the reason that he did not pick Hillory for VP. He felt that Bill would be running things behind the scene while Hillory would be there. He was not about to let that happen. I strongly feel that BHO asked Hillory to be State representative to get her out of the country and be less apt to give BHO grief if she was stateside.

She’s kind of pistol whipped at this point and stated she is not interested in any further Presidential ambitions.

um… mr. conservative republican communistic asshole, you do realize that clinton cant become VP? he served his 2 years… he will either keep biden or get hilary, NOT Bill…

and i got some news for newt, Newt is the guy who MADE Monica have sex with Bill, and forced her to, and paid her thousands to keep her mouth shut, raped her, and threatened to kill her if she told the press if her child was his. Why? he KNEW presidents had sex in the white house while in office (ALL OF THEM) he wanted a democrat to get into trouble and who else but Bill Clinton, a well like, and well respected man!

the answer to YOUR question is simple:

This is not a serious rumor. I wouldnt even speculate on it.

It would be more realistic if Hillary Clinton was promoted to the vice-presidency which would bring the Clintons at the front of the Obama campaign… BUT I havn’t even heard of that.

It would be the smart thing to do, after all President Clinton crushed Newt and the contact of America. He did it just like President Obama is trying to do by asking millionaires and billionaires to paid their fair share. President Clinton being a peoples president made “The American Dream” a reality for every American citizen. It didn’t matter what your race, religion, sexual preference was, your political affiliation, everybody that wanted to work could get a job, under Clinton everybody benefited. Hell, a few of today’s millionaires and billionaires got there under his presidency. He did it by raising the taxes of those millionaires and billionaires. The republican tea party wants cuts in everything and Democrats continue to crave in. American we have to stop settling for the little kibbles that they drop on the floor for us to have. We have to stop being blind to the fact that they have held this country hostage for the last two years, while many Americans were struggling just to pay rent. VOTE DEMOCRAT 2012

human beings ought to examine the form. To be Vice-President, one ought to have an identical skills as mandatory for President for 4 years. The shape facilitates someone to be President for a optimum of 10 years. that’s in case a sitting V-P ought to fill the relax term of a President and then nevertheless be eligible for 2 finished words. considering that invoice Clinton has been President for 8 years already, he’s disqualified from being elected to a various finished term as President, he’s likewise disqualified from being Vice-President. additionally, i don’t know what state invoice calls abode now, however the President and Vice-President won’t be able to have their universal place of abode in an identical state.

Oh boy, Newt and Bammie and Willie … what a pack of lizards. Mights as well invite Bachmann too, they can each tour the country in buses with cruise missiles and helipads on top. We can call it Race to The Lizard House 2012, oh dear I have made myself pee again

Clinton cannot be a vice-presidential candidate by law. Since he has served two full terms as president and since the vice-president becomes president when the president is incapacitated, he cannot legally BE vice-president. Back to political science class with you!

Bill is ineligible for the VP role, he has already served two terms as President. The VP’s main job is to wait for the President to die.

Lol, Clinton also cheated on his wife, so that was a fail in the question.

Newt is just as bad as Obama anyway. Just another big government guy.

Crackhead, eh?



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