I think i might be like gay?? im a girl idk.. i sex with my bestfriend. We’re both 15.?

I mean i’ve slept with plenty of guys, but i have never thought about girls like this before. But what had happened was i got drunk with my bestfriend and she asked me to make out with her. I told her no a couple times i mean i just didnt wanna do that, but then i just finally gave in and did it. and it was…

the chances are you are bisexual. this is totally fine though, just try to stay relaxed about it. everyone has their own preference and orientation. i didn’t realize i was bisexual until i was 16.

you’re fifteen. think of roughly this: on your psychosexual progression, this is completely familiar which you would be able to idolize and notice the older male style as appropriate, no longer sexually in maximum adult males, yet understandably so in a number of you. this is common, do purely no longer act on it or enable it get out of hand. shop your ideas and efforts centred on your training, dating women, and dealing, and you will kind all of it out on your head over your youthful years and could nevertheless have a common adulthood.

It sounds like you bisexual but don’t worry cause ur other friend might be too and hey u get the best of both worlds right? x


It means your bisexual which is perfectly normal and you may or may not choose to be. You should just embrace it 🙂

i feel the same way.

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