If Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton ran for president, who do u think would be the 1st to win the title?

First off, it is not a beauty pagent so therefore no one would win the “title, but they would win the presidency.

Second, I think Clinton would for many reasons including the fact that Condy is connected to the Bush admin, and as you have seen in the last election, people are wanting to move as far away from that as they can.

Hilary would. Although Rice is very intelligent and works very hard and has earned alot of respect over her years of public service she is still and has been a major player in the lie that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction”. She has always been in Bush’s back pocket and as such cannot be trusted.

On the other hand Hilary has held a publicly elected office for a few years now and has worked hard to stand up for what she believes and what she has promised her constituency. She has also served this country as “First Lady” for 8 years and is more than familiar with the process and the job of being the President.

I don’t see the US electing a woman President at this time. Although I think we are really limiting our country by not really considering all the qualified candidates be them male, female, or of any race. Look at the UK. Margret Thacher was amazing…

Rice would mop the floor with Hillary. Any advantage that Hillary would have had with the women voters would be negated by Rice. In addition, Rice would poach some of the African American vote from the democratic ticket. And, given the hatred/fear the Republicans have for Hillary, they would be very very motivated to make sure that she doesn’t win. I like Condi a lot and I want her to run. But even trying to look at it in a purely objective way, I think she would beat Hillary.

the title?

Rice has proven to be absolutely useless. Worse then useless, she a Bush sycophant. Hilary I don’t really trust her, but that’s just because she has the same problem as every other candidate that stands a chance. Way to indebted to corperate donations.

Giving a countrys check book to a woman dangerous proposition My Lady Ree?

Hilary Clinton but it would be a close run

i would think hilary, but we need some one who will make a change, each president do worse then the one before him,when the poor stop getting poorer, and the rich stop getting richer, and all men are equals than i’ll vote.

Bamma say the thought of Hilary at the helm scares the living crap out of Bamma. Bamma say she do all kind of evil witchcraft to the country. Bamma say Hilary bring new meaning to the word ***** whipped. Bamma say she whip the entire world into submission. Bamma say make it law man second class citizen. Bamma say remember her health care plan. Bamma say who pay for that. Bamma say Bamma will. Bamma say Democrat win no matter who run. Bamma say Bush guarantee this. Bamma say Condi best man for job. Bamma otta know.

Condi has a backbone, unlike Hillary who changes her political stance to make her more appealing in the polls.

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