If the us and israel decide to attack iran will china and russia come together and cause a nuclear war?

With tensions now mounting to the highest point with iran its getting me worried and russia and china are the strongest countries would the west be completely wiped out

Without quoting from newspapers, which constitutes hearsay, why would Russia take China’s side?
Russia have twice since Cuba been involved in a showdown with the USA and blinked first. Remember Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin? They are not looking for a fight.
And China is not as strong as you think, they have a vast army (not much use in a nuclear exchange) they also have a huge arsenal, but have they got nerves of steel to attack first – no. Like all nuclear powers – they dare not risk it.
They backed down over Hong Kong when British PM M Thatcher was prepared to use a tactical nuclear weapon if they moved up 1 million troops to the border prior to the peaceful handover. We handed it over our way. So they dont want a fight either.

Reality doesn’t work that way.

The UN Charter Treaty is the international law that all UN member nations have to obey.
And it clearly states that only the UN is allowed to authorize use of military force:
Link – http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather…

That’s why Israel hasn’t attacked Iran.
That’s why none of the many other nations who also oppose Iran getting nukes have attacked.
The US is additionally restricted by its Constitution, which makes US treaties US law:
Link – http://www.usconstitution.net/xconst_A6….

As for Russia and China, they also oppose Iran getting nukes:

“China adamantly opposes Iran developing and possessing nuclear weapons”
-Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, January 2012

“We’re not interested in Iran becoming a nuclear power. It would lead to greater risks to international stability.”
-Russian leader Vladimir Putin, February 2012

What China and Russia want is a peaceful resolution to the crisis.
Both of them want Iran to back down and obey an international law called the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) that prohibits non-nuclear nations like Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Neither of them wants anyone to fight anyone over Iran.

More to the point: They won’t fight anyone over Iran because they can’t.
Whenever the UN needs military action taken, it calls upon UN countries that are also members of the NATO military alliance.
Russia and China won’t fight NATO because they already know it’s a fight they can’t win.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is human history’s most powerful military alliance.
Its members include the richest, most technologically advanced countries on Earth.
-America, Britain, Canada, France, Germany and more. Nearly 30 countries in total.
It was created to oppose the spread of global communism by Russia and China during a period of history called the Cold War.
Because Russia and China wouldn’t risk war with NATO, they lost the Cold War.
Russia, in fact, lost its entire Soviet Empire.

So there won’t be any WW3, nuclear war, or any other kind of war because of the current crisis.
At most, there’ll be UN airstrikes on Iran to enforce international law.
Because if Iran won’t give up its illegal nuclear program voluntarily, the UN can legally take it away from them by force to ensure world peace and security.

China and Russia prefer life over death. They are not radical Islamics, like Iranian leaders are. Radical Islamics embrace death, like the rest of us embrace life. China has said that ”they” do not want to see a ”nuclear Iran” They know how radical Islamics are. They know that a nuclear Iran would be a danger to the whole world. This is not just an Israel/U.S. problem. We ”the U.S.” would fire a nuclear weapon back at China/Russia if they EVER used theirs. They know this, they are not stupid. They do not want their countries to be destroyed. The U.S. still has the strongest military power ”in the world” and the most superior advanced weapons ”in the world”. Russia and China know this also.

I reckon your logic is flawed – surely a war would be caused if the US and Israel attack Iran as they are the aggressors! Don’t believe all the rubbish you read – try looking at The Independent for yesterday (it is online) which gives you Ahmadinejads ideas on capitalism/the UN etc etc as stated at the UN – you may be surprised. The US is the only country that has ever used nukes – they are the real threat to peace!

I agree with Mister Hood;”surely a war would be caused if the US and Israel attack Iran as they are the aggressors!” having said that I would be worried about the whole mess–eeh gads so many idiots with WMD!!!!

Its not a computer game.You are talking of the deaths of millions of people.You young people have not lived during the cold war.If you had you would had known what “tension” was and yet we never had a “nuclear war”

If the West is completely wiped out, you won’t suffer. The end will be quick. You’ll see a bright flash. And then we’ll all be gone.


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