If you had to fight somebody using an old weapon. (sword, ax, spear, mace, etc…)?

What would you use and why?

Samurai sword (or katana to be more accurate)

Long bow. Kill ’em, even in armor, at better then 200 yards. That is where flipping the middle finger got started. The French would disable the long bow archer by chopping off their middle fingers. They couldn’t shoot the bow accurately after that. So, as a taunt, the long bowmen would stand across the battlefield and raise their right hands with the middle finger extended. For that reason alone I’d pick the long bow.

Well, fencing was the refining of sword-fighting into a sport, with proper protection and various rules. Since no sports developed out of the use of those other weapons it’s hard to give them a name other than medieval warfare, same as there isn’t a “style” of shooting rockets or throwing grenades in modern times

i would choose the roman gladius, or short sword. reason, it can take a blow(as opposed to the japanese katana, which shatters relatively easy) and is easy to wield. but if i were a swordsman, i would choose a good foil, the kind of sword fencers use. it has reached, is light and in a long fight, it becomes easier to pick and stab rather than swing and hack. visit my website at odysseusepicmythhero.com.

kitana sword.a staff would be 2nd.a japanese sword has already been proven as the most efficient weapon because of its ease of use vs distance vs ….well basically,no other weapon is as balanced.other weapons like big hammers,nunchucks,staffs etc are to heavy,akward or have to much of a drawback if you miss with them.other weapons actually have a downside when you do make contact with them.
i forgot,they are bery strong as well.

Viking hand axe. nice balance of speed and power plus some of the blocking ability of a pole arm.

well not to brag but, im pretty good with a tomahawk, you know like the native americans used. mabey its just in my blood. im also OK with a bow and spear, better at the bow than the spear. but over all i would probibly choose the tomahawk. preferably a throwing tomahawk. but most people dont uderstand, actually being there, and attacking another person is a heck of alot different than throwing at a tree. its different than you would think too. its not wat it looks like in the movies either, its not and i mean NOT fun and wat you would think. remember that.

Would depend on what weapon THEY were using, but most likely I would opt for the staff (or some varient pole arm) since it IS my best weapon.

For close quarter combat a katana because I am already trained to use one very well. Otherwise a bow because I could kill someone from a distance.

I saw a movie with a contraption that looks like a flying saucer and it decapitates you when it lands on your head. You just yank it and your head comes off into the contraption.

It’s relatively big and scary and super-lethal. It just seems like a much better choice.

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