In 08 who will win the Democratic nomination for presidency?

This is a poll

Hillary Clinton all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrat is easier to wager. it will be Obama or Clinton, yet i imagine contained in the top, John Edwards or bill Richardson may come on solid. My perfect wager, inspite of the truth that, could be Clinton. Republican is far more durable to wager. i’m confident that both McCain and Giuliani are on the way out, fantastically after this immigration bill. i in my opinion imagine it is going to develop right into a three-way race between Thompson, Romney and Ron Paul. likely Thompson will take the nomination, besides the undeniable fact that it truly is an “something is going” variety of year, so we may have a wonder. Then for the final election, it truly is confusing to wager. i imagine the Republicans are very not likely to win with a professional-conflict candidate, so until eventually Paul receives the nomination, we are going to finally end up with a Democrat president. on the different hand, i don’t think of an unlawful immigrant supporter can win actual both, yet are not each and each of the Democrats professional-amnesty? So, perhaps it is a unprecedented third-party Ross Perot variety of year, which means that something can take position. it truly is gonna be a desirable year.

Hillary for the Democratic nomination

I think Hillary will win, because i was just reading yesterday in the paper that she’s beating Obama and Edwards in the polls in the swing states.

Al Gore

Hillary Clinton totally! She is really smart!

Klem Kadiddlehopper……

lets hope its not a hillary, but too early for me to guess, just wishful hoping

I don’t care who wins, as long as it isn’t Hillary!!! I’m moving to Canada if that ***** wins…

Bill clinton’s wife.
*smirk* i hope she has an affair with one of her interns *smirk*


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