Is America a Judaeo-Christian nation in the sense that it was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles?

America was established to instantiate several principles that are not empirically verifiable: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights; that we have innate rights to life and liberty; and that the central work of government is to bring justice so that promises…

Yes, I think you’re right, a lot of aspects of Enlightenment universalism – belief in universal values and rights – comes from a Christian tradition of universalism and evangelism
just in general, Western philosophy and thought has been so influenced by Christian ideas (as well as classical) that even though in many ways enlightenment was secular and even revolted against organised religion it is really inseparable from an inherently Christian mode of thought. If you had never been exposed to christianity, it would be hard to understand 18th century european / american ideas about natural rights

many philosophes/founding father etc. etc. etc. were not christians but that doesn’t mean christianity didn’t influence hugely the movement they came from.
even voltaire who said √©crasez l’infame… I mean.. it is a response to christianity. There are many contradictions in christian culture itself – esp. between the judaic vs. greek aspects of it that it is not hard to see how a christian culture creates its own antithesis

No. Most of the Founding Fathers were Deists, not Christians. Deists believe that a higher power created the universe, then stepped away. In other words, there are no rules handed out by the supreme being, and there is no Bible. Deism is a far cry from Christianity. The New World was all about religious freedom, which means there is NO official religion. PERIOD.

Yes, in fact it is. However, many people seem to be confused about what evidence counts.

It cannot be opinion polls, although a strong majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians.

It cannot be the typical behavior of Americans, which is often in opposition to Christian teachings.

It cannot be historical research on the founders, who were a diverse group of Christians, deists, and free thinkers, all influenced by Christian principles.

It cannot be the First Amendment prohibition against establishment, because that is consistent with both atheism and Christianity.

The only evidence that could count in deciding whether we are a Christian nation is a reading of the Declaration and the Constitution with a focus on its roots in Christian teaching, and that evidence is resoundingly positive.

We are free because God designed us to be free, giving us the choice even to disobey him. We are free to spend our lives, but not eternity, in rebellion.

Justice is practically defined by the Mosaic law as “an eye for an eye,” i.e., punishments must fit crimes. The answerer who said the same principles apply across Mesopotamia never read Hammurabi.

We are equal because God made each of us in his own image and destines each of us to live forever. In him, there is “neither Jew nor Greek.”

We have human rights because we are made in his image, above every creature, his highest creative work.


As long as we keep the Constitution and go by it, it is, but the Atheists and God-haters are doing everything to try to push this out. Obama claims this nation is no longer a Christian nation and he along with the ACLU and FFRF and some other orgs are doing everything they can to smash Christianity. These godless people don’t realize you cannot smash the power of the Holy Spirit out of people’s hearts, and they don’t realize their own wickedness. Just like Jesus said on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do.” Spiritually speaking they have no idea they are really serving the devil and don’t know the devil even exists so they can’t understand what they are doing. Given those facts, fasting and prayer, repentance and II Chronicles 7:14 are our only hope. Jesus will always be our hope no matter what happens whether this nation falls to the Communists or Terrorists, those who love the Lord will keep the faith.

yes .if progressives hadn’t re-written history that would be common knowledge.our founders where christians ,believed this land was a gift from God . they were not deists or atheists .our government has been on a smear campaign for about 100 years ,against the founders.consider samuel adams(you know the beer guy) he was an outspoken christian ! the beer thing is a crock! he did have a distillery but it’s alcohol content was just enough to sterilize the water so they didn’t get sick.

Well here is a small sample of some of the Cities in the USA named after Catholic Saints.

St. Paul, Mn
St. Louis, Ms
Corpus Christi, TX (Feast of the Eucharist)
Mount St. Helen, OR
St. Petersburg, Fl
St. Charles, LA
St. John, LA
St. Benard, LA
St. James, LA
St. Tammany, LA
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Juan Capistrano, Ca
Santa Ana, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
San Clementie, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Santa Clara, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Luis Obisbo, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
St. Bernard, OH
St. Clairsville, OH
St. Marys, OH

Presidents take the oath of office on a bible, in court your swear to God to tell the truth, “In God we Trust” on our money, “One Nation under God” in our pledge….. I could go on and on…..

Kinda hard to refute Christianities influence on our Country.

Peace be with you

<<<Devout Catholic>>>

People will say no because of many of the founding fathers were deist but i suggest we go back to the Mayflower compact to prove otherwise.
There is nothing wrong with Christian values my friend.
As long as those who claim those values follow them as well.
Nobody likes a hypocrite in whatever values they try to beat others with.

Sarah palin is a demegoge. She is not right about anything. She is out to make her fortune, after having abused her office as Governor of Alaska by using that office to carry out a personal vendetta against a state trooper, whom her sister had broken up with. Instead of facing the consequences of her actions she resigned. She is now out for herself to make money.
To the extendt that the great thinkers of the enlightenment reflected Judio christian ethics in their ideals of the natural rights of man, and to the extent that these ideals were refelcted in the declarion of indepndence then yes a cse can be made that the US was founded on judeo christian principals. Not all of the foudning fathers were christian. And in fact only one signer of the decelartion knew the truth, the Catholic Mr. Carroll.
The consitiuion reflects princples of roman and greek law, as well as those ideals from the enliightenment as depicted in the bill of rights the first 10 amendments to the consitiuion. The Consitiuion also reflects the unique political ideals of the framers, the ideal of federalisb, speration of powers, checks and balances, the methods of elcting our representatives including senaotrs, memeber of the house of representatives and the executive branch, and also the supreme court. Of these in the orignal consitioutial design only the elcetion of member of the house of representatives was designed to be essientialluy democratic. Intiallly the presiendt was elceted by elctors chosen by the individual states, members of the snetae were appointed also by the state legislatures in conjuction with the governor of the indivdual sates. since at the time of ratification these pricnicples are not stricly democrtic there is an element of elitism in the selction of these officals. Over the years we have expanded the principal of demcoracy such that the proesdent and the memebrs of the senate are now elcted in a more democratic fashion with the people voting directly for their senators and the people voting for the salte of eclectors pledged to carry out the wishes of the voting public when electing a president. to the extendt that demcocracy is a judeo chistian principal then a case can be made that the consitiuiton relfects judeo christian principles. However, the foudning fathers who directed the framing of the consituion were thinking along purley secul lines when the constituion was drafted, What would best sustain a country, to the extent that the framers were guided by the hand of God, then the consitition and the thinking of the foudning fathers can be considered Judeo christian, whoever this claim is dubious at best. Our legal system is modeled after that of ancsient rome, not mosiac law and certainly not by the values expressed in matt 25:31-46. However, the freedoms delinated and codified in the bill of rights allows for religous freedom and a sepration of church and state, which restrics the government from imposing a state religion, while allowing cicizens to be free to worship as they see fit.
Current fundamanilist thought perverts the actual history and thinking of the framers by trying to lead us to believe that somehow the framers we guided and directed by purely christian princples. This line of thinking is clearly false, and is used by fundemenalts in spsecies argument that would allow them to take control of the government and impose a mosiac or old testament law, whcih is their goal. Fortuantley due to demcocratic reforms and changing demographics in the country so called “christian” foundamenalists are losing ground. they are also losing ground in the free market palce of ideas, as many of us see their true motives whic is the imposition of a mosiac law and the imposition o a state relgison a particualar brand of so called “christainity.” A “christianity” which is niether christian nor biblical. This coutnry was not foudned by catholics and in fact as Charles carrol’s life indicates there was much catholic prejudice to be overcome in this coutnry. Cahles CArrol was the only catholic foudning father and he had to use his fiancial and political resources and skills to defeat a very heavy anti-catholic prejudice in colinla and consitiional america. In fact he was instruemtnal in defeating a maryland state law that restricted catholics from holding public office. He is the cousin of John Carol the first Catholic bishopin the US.
Trying to charterize the foudning fathers as evanglical christians is a very dangerous and compelty false ploy by so called fudamentialist “christians” to subvert outr freedoms and thus take the first step to their end of world domination by impsoing mosiac law on the US. and let us not forget were they to come to power they would first rid the coutnry of homsexual and then rid the country of we Catholics whom they hate and see as the great whore of babylon with the pope beingthe anit-chirts in their perverted understaing of the book of revelations.
Therfore, w

“That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights; that we have innate rights to life and liberty; ”

Since when are these “Judaeo-Christian” principles?

“In countries outside the influence of Judaism and Christianity, we do not see a systematic recognition of freedom, justice, equality, and human rights”

Oh, you mean countries like Japan?

And how about all them countries within the direct influence of Judaism and Christianity that have absolutely appalling records on freedom, justice, equality and human rights?

edit: Oh, so you mean “that” kind of influence. ‘Nuff said.

Not at all. America is a democracy founded on principles that can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia where the city-state government was controlled by councils of citizenry, not some autocratic or theocratic system.

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