Is being called a “tea-bagger” and insult?

I participate every saturday in a tea party protest in the local area, and one of my teachers called me a teabagger. im pretty sure its meant as an insult, but i personally consider it a compliment, and love knowing that I am standing up for what i believe in.

im an 18 year old senior in high school.

It is and is intended to be an insult but you should wear that insult proudly. Being insulted by the Left means you are winning. When a Yankee batter takes the Plate in Boston, you can hear a lot of Boos. That is music to the batter’s ears. Being Booed at an away game is a compliment.

You are 18 and you have already figured out what takes most people decades. We love you!


1. Yes being called a Jew is suppose to be an insult. 2. From what I know, Jewish people were outcasts at some point in history. If I remember correctly from my World Geography class, Some Jewish people stole, and some were wealthier than others and they didn’t have to work for that status. 3. Yes it is inappropriate and may be considered racist. It shouldn’t be used in that content. 4. No, I’ve never called anyone a Jew in a inappropriate slang manner. I’ve heard it plenty of times and I have been called it. I’m not Jewish. I’ve mostly heard “Don’t be a Jew” and “You’re just a stupid Jew.” I guess it is a substitute for stupid, or retarded. Like “Don’t be stupid.” or “You’re just a stupid retard.” It’s like any other slang such as gay, fag, homo, and others like that. Like “that’s gay.” or “You’re such a fag.” They don’t mean it as their true meaning. Hopefully that helped. I don’t exactly know why people use it or who decided to use it because I don’t use slangs like that. You will hear a lot of slangs in middle-school and a whole lot more High school. It may be offensive to people, but the ones using the slangs usually don’t care.

Yes it is an insult.
It is similar to calling a Liberal from Cleveland a “Cleveland Steamer”.
Or a Liberal from San Francisco a “Salad Tosser”.

the term Tea Bagger is just as bad, but Liberal’s get away with it because the media is run by Liberals, and they play “Dumb” like they don’t know what it means.

It’s kind of like your teacher calling a homosexual student the “F” word, or calling a Black student the “N” word (If the shoe was on the other foot)….very shameful of your teacher bringing their political views into the classroom.

No…It’s not bad considering you could have been called a Liberal, Progressive or Democrat etc.

Wear it as a badge of honor. All the Lefties are doing is repeating what they have been told.

Is it meant to be an insult?? Probably. (“teabagging” is also a sexually explicit act………..I would have probably told the teacher to go fk him or herself)

But I have found that most of the people that use the phrase “teabagger” A) Can’t defend Obama B) are mad people aren’t fawning over the guy they think is doing a good job so they C) Call them names in an attempt to shame them into shutting up.

Most of the people that hate the Tea Party are perfectly content to turn off their “free thinking” (lol) brains and generalize the whole group as a monolith to make it easier to brush off in their own minds.


lol…………..6 thumbs up, no thumbs down for 6 hours………..then all of sudden 11 eleven thumbs down…………….LOL

It could be that your teacher was just calling you and the other TEA “partyers” the original name they gave themselves. It could be, that like the founding members of the movement, she was simply too ignorant to realize that the term also has a sexual connotation.

Even still, that didn’t stop hundreds of people from calling themselves tea baggers and sending their teabags to their representatives.

This guy was proud of it:…

It could also be that she was aware that currently tea baggers are trying to distance themselves from the name “tea bagger” and meant it as a slight dig in that way. Perhaps she was making a joke and being sarcastic.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to see young folks stand up for something they believe in.
Though, I’d love to hear an explanation of what you feel you are standing up for.

Yes, if you don’t know what it means you shouldn’t be involved. It is what you are so you can’t blame some one for saying it but it is a group that was started for people to humiliate themselves. That is all they are accomplishing. Maybe you can get the spell checker for your group cause most of these people are so ignorant that can not even spell well enough to write a few words on a sign. Most of the people are really old that I have seen. Your teacher probably just thought it was funny that such a young person with so much life to be living would want to do something like this. If you are 18 & getting ready for college how can you afford to give up your time like this. Maybe your teacher is thinking you should do something more constructive for your future. This is a very important time for you. What do you accomplish by doing this? Well, I am not going to say more but I think it is out of concern for you that the teacher commented. You can look up the word on-line at an urban dictionary.

A teaparty protester or teabagger is a person who think government is getting too big and people are taxed too much. You’re a smart person for some one in high screw, er school.

Your teacher makes money from the government as a government employee and union member.
More money you are taxed, he or she gets more money.

The commies are trying to make it an insult, but I’m proud to be a “tea-bagger”

Do you know what “Teabagging” is?

Yes,it’s meant as an insult,an insult started by Janeane Garofalo I believe,or at least she was the first I personally heard use the term.Of course Janeane knows all about teabagging.


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