No future because I’m a loser?

*Thank you in advance. Im not going to edit…everything i wrote is what I feel…Please please help me find a solution..mb a life coach, maybe a clinic, toastmasters…anything please help…This is somewhat a back story and venting so here goes. I wanna see a therapist…in fact i have…but to expensive and my…

daymmmm boy let me jst tell u that there r pple who are wayyy sufferin out there… ppple who have no shelter, food, education, whutsoever… i know dat life is not easy… and is better in dat way cause if it was easy….. life would definitely suck cause there would be no but NOO goals or ambitions NOTHING!! u r just in a black tunnel right now but SERIOUSLY… someday u will be able to seee the light! TRUST ME!!!! im also in college right now…~~~ havin GREAT problems with the language (long story) but im not going to give up!!! and so u r!!! dnt be ever afraid bout whut people think!! and if u have issues with weight problem… please lose some weight… im also on diet right now! try to do exercise cause seriously…. doin exercise DEFINITELY makes u more active!!! soooo good luck n everything! JUST THINK POSITIVE!!!! and everything would be fine!

I think it is very possible that you are one of the rare personality types that make up less than 1% of the population. It is hard to be different but it is good, too. You should probably see a doctor or something (any low cost/free state run mental health clinics in the phone book?) about the stress and depression.You need to find your niche, too. You have to accept yourself as who you are. You may have the makings of a fine author, artist or actor, with your background. Learn to embrace your differences. It takes time ( I KNOW).

Have you had any kind of personality testing done, to help you understand yourself and to find your way better? Try some. There are free ones online.

Do some deep thinking. Would you be happier with a few courses at a community college?? Would that meet your goals? Would spending a few months to two years ina technical school work better? What do YOU REALLY WANT TO DO? Figure that out or spend some time trying different things.

You are *NOT* a loser. You are a*UNIQUE* and wonderful individual with untapped talents.

Number One: You are NOT a loser. By virtue of the fact that you are able to identify your problems and issues says a lot about how much insight you have. Do you have a school counselor you can talk to? What about an older brother or a good friend if you can’t afford a counselor? What about a clergy person? Also, there are free clinics that you can go to. You may need medication to overcome your depression. My mom passed away and I couldn’t handle it either. I was extremely depressed for over a year and finally sought help at a clinic where I got anti depressants and felt better. You must not give up. You sound to me like you are an intelligent person, able to write very well and express yourself eloquently. Please stop thinking of yourself as a loser. Try and think positive, even if it means waking up each day and telling yourself “I am a good person who deserves to succeed”. Please try and get some help, you deserve to live a happy life and have so many good years ahead of you. Do not give up. You cannot change what happened in your childhood, but you can change how you feel about your future. Make it your goal to get help and do it asap. Good luck.

You’re not a loser; I hate that word because the only losers are those who commit crimes and they can find rehabilitation. Your question was all, except maybe for one sentence in the first paragraph, a negative rant. Learn to think positively. Seriously try, “learning to think positively” in a Yahoo! web search for many links on how to do this. A negative approach to life is what is holding you back. It also is the cause of depression.

Every day is a new day, a new start to the rest of your life. Forget the past, forgive your parents and others and move forward positively.

Good luck!

We’re all nobodies, I’m a nobody, in fact I can openly tell you I feel glad, happy that my worth is next to nothing. It’s liberating in fact, the reason you feel hurt and worthless is because of your attachments you have. You’re attached to your family, so when you think of your rough childhood, you feel hurt. You’re attached to educational prestige, so when you’re in college, you feel stupid. You’re attached to society, so when you talk to people, you feel like a loser because of what they might think of you.

Throw all of this away, embrace these facts that none of it matters as much as you matter. I don’t matter in this world, so why should my problems? From there you should live a selfish existence, do the small things that make you happy, and NEVER do something you don’t feel happy in doing.

In my opinion, this is the way to happiness, through admiring ones-self before other people.

heres my answer. im depressed too. but suicide wont solve anything. my story isnt nearly as bad as your but you have to find things in life that bring out any sort of happiness. one thing for you to find right now is someone you can actually talk to. youd be suprised how many people will open up. as u said you are really insecure but you NEED to step out of your comfort zone just to get started. i suggest starting to people over chats and think of ways to be clever or funny on that. now some people just arent funny and cant talk to people well, like me, and just have to keep on going. but, you need to progressively build up ur skills so u can make that first step outside of your comfort zone. i know how tough it is because you dont have anyone to talk to. but if your in college, ur surrounded by people you think will just laugh at you and tease you. maybe put up a flyer that says, lookin for someone to talk to. dont put a name just a number. bur dont commit suicide. it goes through my head too but then i think i love life and its a weird opportunity we are given. but really, try to find something or someone you can connect with. best of luck man. peace.

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