Pool:What is the best Charity to donate Money to…?

There are too many deserving charities out there to choose a best one….but i donate to tickled pink and well man…

I can identify with you. I was also in an accident and due to the accident I am unable to work. We were insured, but the insurance company paid the Dr. 450,000.00 to say I was fine. I almost died this summer due to complications of the accident and we did not receive any settlement.If I were you I would go to the food shelf, and also ask the pastor of your church to explain your situation to the people, and ask for prayer, if people in the church know that you are hurting many of them will give you money. My girlfriend and her husband did this and they received more money from people wanting to help than if they would have both been working. If you belong to a truly Christian Church the people will run to offer help to you. I know this from experience. But you must make your needs known. Also there is a benefit option through Thrivent Lutheran Service. If you have a fund raiser they will match the amount that you make at the fund raiser. So often people will have a spaghetti dinner that people can come to an donate money for the person or persons that are struggling with health issues or financial issues and then they will match it. It sounds like you just need to let the people in your church know you need help.

Top 5:
1. Give to abused women and children charity programs (Anti-abuse)
2. Donate to charities which help people and children with AIDS or HIV
3. Donate to government or non government organizations which help in times of calamities.
4. Orphanages and hospitals, especially the public ones.
5. Any charity you can find, as long as it’s reasonable, it’s right, and it can help many.

Hope this helped.

Macmillan Nurses

cancer research and alzheiners are the two biggest charities who struggle to find money for research it is the two main killers in the world alongside hiv and aids they are the charities who need most help as they get very little government support plus cancer is the most possible thing to affect most people in one way or another in life but it is your choicce who you donate too you can always make smaller donations to several charities meaning your helping more than one

If it’s not about starving it’s a luxury charity. Give to a charity that feeds people who are dying from lack of food. Only after that problems sorted should we give to anything else.

We both have our “pet” on-going Charities.
I’m a Governor of the R.N.L.I. and husband has a monthly Standing Order for MacMillan Nurses.

I would go for a charity that will benefit children in the UK. If we dont support people in UK, who will?!
People hype about all of those other countries effected by different things but people dont care what goes on, on their own door step!♥ღ♥

I donate to the Cancer Research fund, the COPD charity and the PDSA.

The NSPCC and the Terence Higgins Trust.

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