Pre game warm up music?

Im looking for some good rock to play at my high school football game before it starts, but i cant find any good warm up mix music. my team prefers hard rock or rap, something to pump us up. any suggestions?

Thunderstruck – AC/DC
Crazy Train – Ozzy
Unchained – Van Halen

u should do that Pump it up song by DMX…or some bad*ss rock song ….there are to many rock songs to choose from. try some 80’s rock like Poison…..wait try some Beatsie Boys.

Thunderstruck by ACDC always gets me going

try some old slayer….like south of heaven or hell awaits…would be f*cking killer over a loud speaker at a football game. great intros and uptempo.

we ready- pastor troy thats some crunk Sh*t right there…..

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