Pros’s & Con’s of breeding a yorkie?

My mom just got my daughter a yorkie which is about a year old. We were talking about eventually breeding her but we want to know the full pros & cons of breeding her. Does it take time off of her life? What are the average stud fees? Risks of breeding? Cost of breeding? Appropriate age to breed at & until?…

What are the risks? Well, she could die if she needs a c-section and you don’t know the signs that she needs one. Also, there is no reason for you to breed because she is a pet quality dog that has not, nor ever will, be proven in the show ring to be worthy of breeding. So, if you don’t want to harm her, and you have to ask ANY breeding questions on this site, you are not ready to breed. Just have her spayed. She will be healthier in the long run because a spayed b*tch can’t develop Pyometra, a deadly uterine infection, if she doesn’t have a uterus.

Pros to breeding are improving an already excellent bloodline by breeding champion titled dogs.

Cons include:
The risk of losing pups and/or the mother during pregnancy or birth
Losing a lot of money on the breeding process
Finding good homes for all the pups
Being willing to care for any dogs you don’t sell and taking back any dog you bred at any point in it’s life for any reason
Knowing you contributed to the pet overpopulation by breeding pet quality animals
And probably many more I can’t think of at the moment.

At least you are taking the time to try to get the answers BEFORE just jumping in blindly.

If you are considering breeding her in the future and want to become an ETHICAL breeder, then your only course of action is to start by finding an experienced breeder who will mentor you. All the research and reading in the world is not going to prepare you like hands on experience can.

There are many things you will have to prepare for first that a mentor can guide you through:
–Having your girl evaluated to determine how she compares to the breed standard.
–Having varios genetic/health screenings performed. Making sure that those same tests then some have been performed on possible studs.
–Devising a sales agreement and stud contract.
–Selecting a stud that will compliment your female.
–Preparing you to whelp a litter and giving you the experience of sitting in on one before you breed yourself.

Again, I stress. Get a mentor to show you the way.

Can’t think of a single “pro”, to be honest, but there are PLENTY of cons: including death of the b*tch, death of the pups, and passage of genetic diseases.

Your little dog’s BEST option is a spay. Period. She is likely not even breeding quality (if she was, she would be on a contract: pets spayed, breeding quality dogs shown and titled/tested.) So much can go wrong with breeding, especially small dogs – let your daughter enjoy her as a pet ONLY. Unless you want to chance your daughter seeing her beloved little dog die a bloody death?…

I just got off the phone with my friend , ( a show breeder of toy dogs–Pomeranian).. She is heading out the door at 10pm to the vet for an emergency C=section. $1500. She has 30 years experience with the breed and has lost females and whole litters. It is not an easy way to make money. Especially if , like you. not having a clue what you are doing. Her dogs are champions, genetically tested for faults and free of them. Is yours?????
Very few pros and a heck of alot of cons.

CONS: you become a disgusting back yard breeder
You likely have to pay $2000 for a c section, because lots of Yorkies need them, especially the poorly back yard bred kind you have.
You are responsible for the deaths of shelters dogs, as many as the puppies you produce.
No one who loves dogs will respect you.
People will say nasty things about you behind your back.

Requirements: An AKC championship and all applicable genetic testing. Nothing less.

IMO your dog should not be bred. Dogs are over-populated. There’s no where else to put them except in pounds, and those are over-crowded. Thus, they must be “ridden of” because there is no room. You have no idea where the puppies go once they have been sold. If the owner doesn’t train the dog properly, it will develop behavior issues and will become unwanted. If the problems are bad, not even a pound will take them in. Please, get your dog spayed.

IMO, breeding isn’t worth the hassle unless you’re a professional breeder. I would get her fixed and enjoy her for the pet she is.

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