Raped when drunk and don’t know what to do?

Okay so I will tell the story without going into too much detail…

On New years eve I went out with two of my friends we were planning to go to a party on our way we were told it was cancelled so I got picked up and went to my Aunts NYE party. I had already drank a whole bottle of Vodka gradually for a few…

How awful for you. Why on earth would anyone think, that you, a girl of 17, would consent to sex with a 40 year old man? He took advantage of your situation and should be ashamed of himself for such a despicable act. What can you do now? Well, make sure that everyone understands that it is “he” that has committed the crime, not you! Next, keep away from this family. And last of all, and most importantly, don’t get drunk because you cannot protect yourself whilst under the influence of alcohol and will always be “easy prey” to such men.

first of all im sorry for your experience. There are a lot of groups you can go to who will give support to you if you need it. You need to try and figure out what happened as best you can beacuse u should really press charges if it was rape becuase u were too drunk too consent and he should have known this, thus, knowing u would not no what you were doing. hope everytings turns out better x x x x x x god bless x x

It is not your fault. Even if you had consented (which you did not) it would still be overwhelmingly his bad. Perhaps your friend’s mom should stop serving alcohol to minors and then allowing her (obviously creepy) hubby to take them up to bed. guilt is something that often overwhelms the victims of sexual abuse. Know that you are the child here and use this experience to help you define what is right. I would also recommend professional counseling. probably not much chance of your friendship surviving this. that is neither you nor your friends fault, it is her dads fault. i hope he is punished to the full extent of the law. my prayers for all hurt by this.

That is horrific. I hope you are okay. Have you tried counselling or anything? I hope your family are all supporting you and are not against you. To be honest i dont know what else you can do, but there are lots of different therapies that are available to you im sure, counselling is worth a try 🙂 If theres any way of contacting me on this thing (im kinda new to it all) then you can if you want to talk or something (:

The sad fact of the matter is that it is no longer neccessary to “spike” young females’ drinks because the use of ruffies (rohypnol) has become part of the “party scene” and the young women are using it to a party drug. Also, both rohypnol and GHB are metabolized within 24 hours of ingestion and it is almost impossible to test for them because by the time the user has made it to the hospital the drug has already been metabolized.

im really sorry to hear that, but you should forget that incedent, it may be hard, but that is the best way to move on

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