RHH: Who is your favorite rapper ever, and WHY? *Please explain with something better than, “BC THEY’RE DOPE.”?

Though i know someone will be a little smartass now and do it

i want some REAL answers

and since im a pussy and i have too many to choose from ill just say,


you already know. WILL SMITH

not really. i respect him in so many ways though. why?

you know award acceptance speeches? you know how…

Nas. He’s a great lyricist, a great rapper, illmatic is my favourite album and because he’s just that awesome!

Without a doubt, he’s the most entertaining rapper in history. When he performs live, he has more energy than any other rapper. Every time he’s on a talk show or in an interview, he always has something clever and funny to say. Just look at his interview with Ellen Degeneres on youtube for example. A lot of people think he’s too cocky, but i like that about him. Even if he says something stupid or arrogant, he’s not afraid to just let his thoughts come out. Especially on his blog, and he has a lot of good things to say. His music is also phenomenal. I still remember the first few months after College Dropout came out, every website and reviewer was practically praising him. It was well deserved too. College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation all make the top 50 hip-hop albums of all-time easily. So yeah, that’s why he’s my favorite.

My favorite MC right now is Talib Kweli… I dont really have an all time fave, and I dont think I’d call Kweli my all time fave either… maybe a contender for the position, but not as of right now…

My top 3 faves Of all time are:

Talib Kweli – i think he’s a great writer, on the song Give Em Hell, he went all out with his penmanship… On the song Good To You (which happens to be my favorite song) he comes up with some rhymes that are almost impossible to construct.

Common – He has mad skills, he tears up the mic… With a soothing voice, he can move a crowd but calm the heart with precise lyrics and the flow to compliment it. Although he’s off the wall once in a while, I still think he’s great.

NaS – His monotonous flow is awesome, he creates an ominous picture on most of his songs. Delivering what he feels exactly… the song Dance is definately one of his most emotional songs… being able to describe the mourning of his mother, almost makes me feel as if I was related to his mom, too…


He came out with some of the most witty, wiseass, and slang-filled lyrics during the early to mid nineties. Plus, during that time, he only had two official LP’s so any and every song was treated like gold. Not many people outside of New York had ever heard of him, and that carried some bent appeal as well. Even some hiphop heads today I know that have a strong knowledge base are ignorant to the raspy-mouth underground emcee. You don’t have to like him, but I remember blasting “Whatcha Want” and “Any Emcee” at a hell of alot of house and block parties. For this he will always hold a place in my heart.

Morning Cap, My fav. rapper is Jay-Z i truly savour him not as a rapper yet as a man or woman. He got here up like I did dwelling the pro-jects LOL all began as a small time broker made his way as much as the suited then as quickly as he had the money left it on my own and went into criminal ventures which will make him money way bypass his dying. the only difference is that i offered a bunch of assets with my money! With the music, the activities bars, the clothing, the basketball team…….and limitless different initiatives the guy nevertheless has time to offer sparkling eating water to those in Africa! I even named my first born newborn TeeAnna reason I feed TeeAnna guy, ima flow keys you are able to call me the piano guy, rain snow sleet hail guy, I flow E’s hydro guy!!!

Eminem- his lyrics just are outstanding, i mean listen to infinite and say he isnt good.

I love how he isnt afraid to say anything on the mic and is very emotional and doesnt care- i mean listen to Kim lol

And finally I like him becuase look where he came from, look what he had to go through. Imagine being some white boy in a black mans game and making it through as a star. I mean the guy probably got his a** kicked by so many black rappers after tearing them up lol
Now he is a millionare and he has it all

Tupac- He spoke on alot of thing I could relate to, I understood where he was coming from. He was more than just a rapper and that’s what separates him from the others. He was a poet, he was political, he always spoke his mind. He was even funny at alot of times. I grew up listening to alot of rappers but Pac was the one to stand out the most. I remember spending my lilttle bit of money I had to get the Hit Em Up single when it came out. I only bought it for that one song. I had already had All Eyez On Me but it didn’t have that song. If a Tupac song came out, I wanted it. I was 8 years old when he died and I am shocked still to this day.

R.I.P. Tupac Amaru Shakur

NaS: He’s a lyrical genius with outstanding lyrics from one mic and Ether etc… On his first album Illmatic he made it became a classic and became one of the best rap albums ever, if not the best.
Stillmatic Ether one of the best rap disses ever to Jay-Z
Even though he’s not as good as he was he still as good as the other wack sh*t rappers here. He speaks his mind and maybe the best lyricsit ever.

Immortal Technique

he accomplished what most artists should strive for. His lyrics and everything about the way he composes music is so real. He makes you feel like you are there and experiencing what he is saying. It creates so much emotion and its just real. It doesnt talk about oh i want my **** sucked or anything like that… it’s real hip hop.. .its real music

love all his songs but best are: caught in a hustle , leaving the past, harlem streets, and dance with the devil

Redman.Ever since his guest appearance on Epmd’s album.He’s basically never get any airplay but doesn’t care.One of the most underrated rappers of all time.After “Time for some Akshun”,”Blow your mind” and “tonight’s the night.”Basically he’s been my favorite weed smoking,brick city reppin rapper.

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