Suicide what are your thoughts on suicide?

I am curious as to why people have these views

People who talk about suicide are doing it for attention
You cant help a person intent on taking their life
If you talk with a suicidal person you could be encouraging it
and the one I find offensive is the church who would bury suicides away from other…

im not even kidding that is just stupid
i was horribly depressed last year and was caught by my skool tryin 2 kill myself and EVERY1 said it was 4attention
i just want to slap them across the face cuz thatz far from it

ya some ppl can just say they r 4attention, but some ppl really think no1 cares and thinkz the world would just be better off without them

Welly Gypsy I just hope you never go down the slippery slope of depression. If so, then you would not have to ask.
If a person talks about suicide then yes mostly it is for attention so yes, maybe you can help them because they are obviously crying out for help. It is the people who dont talk about it that are the ones most serious about comitting it.
It is mainly the Catholic Church wo refuse to acknowledge a victim of suicide and this is an antiquated religion! And yes, to commit suicide is selfish but when a person is depressed or whatever it may be, it is so easy to become self obsessed with your own distress. Especially in depression. I feel so, so worried for teenagers now because I think there is a lot more pressures on them to perform and fit in and there is also more of a problem with bullying. Stop being so judgemental and look at the bigger picture.

I’ve had numerous suicidal friends and I am suicidal myself and I hate it when people say it’s just for attention. Yes, there are some people – who disgust me – who claim they’re suicidal and don’t really mean it. I think it’s terrible people would do that and cause the real suicidals so many more problems.
I must disagree with you that you can’t help a suicidal person. There are certain things that get us thinking and it can help.
Yes, you could be discouraging a suicidal person. I have come to find that when you hurt someone who is suicidal, they act as though they’re fine, but inside- you’re just building up their thoughts. So it can be confusing.
I disagree with the churches who do that. It’s terrible to exclude them, because in their life, many suicidal people already feel alone and they kill themselves to find peace.
It depends on the family, whether or not it effects them. Sometimes their families are what causes such thoughts. Others, it is love. I haven’t experienced any suicide issues where the root cause was family and/or love, besides a disliking for themself, which technically came from the first thing.
Hope this is what you’re looking for. =)

I’m curious about those odd views, too.

They’re certainly not doing it for attention. Maybe for help, at most. You can help them, you just have to do it in a non-intimidating way, just like with eating disorders or anything else. Talking to them is better than not talking. I think that it’s odd that the church would do that. I’ve heard a lot of things about suicide from the church, and a lot of it is corrupt. People confuse suicide with a crime. People that kill themselves aren’t bad, they’re just heartbroken and sad, often bored with life and feel they have nothing to live for. It shoudln’t be mistaken for not-innocence, either. Some people are very innocent, but are tormented by those not-so-innocent-and-guilty-of- meanness. I think that the effect on the family and friends is profoundly sad. Many will become angry and depressed about it.

I went through a period of wanting to kill myself, but I brought myself out of it by considering others, even if I didn’t feel that I deserved to live.

Annually over a million people die of suicide.Every 40 seconds someone dies of suicide. It’s really a truly sad and horrible thing. Hard times push people to do certain things. Not only does it effect the person who commits suicide but it really effects everyone else. Friends and family have to deal with the pain also. And that’s the worst part. As for people who commit suicide, they obviously aren’t thinking clearly in that moment. If they sat down and really really truly thought about it there wouldn’t be a million people dying annually of it. For anyone who has ever had the thought of committing suicide, please please please tell someone close and dear to you. You can stop yourself.

Suicide is a big problem in our society today. But you have to think of what people have been through. I dont think its really something to get attention I think its a cry for help. Being a teen is hard because your dealing with bad freinds, family issues, school, being judged everyday, and just sometimes not fitting in. Teen years are all about figuring yourself out. Im still a teen and i dont understand who I am right now.

if you talk with a suicidal person you are not encouraging them to do it. what you need to stress to them is that no matter what is going on now things will only get better and suicide is basically giving up on life and that you just can’t exit life as a quitter b/c there is no coming back. some people just don’t have a will to live alot are mentally ill there are just so many factors . as far as churches philosphies on it don’t let what particular churches do influence your feelings. first and foremost churches are businesses a different type than a store yes but all church leaders have philosphies on how suicide is delt with.

you can help them you need to talk to them again getting help it might be that they are depressed and need medication or counseling.

I think one should be wary of a society that labels things it’s uncomfortable with as mental illness and locks away all who hold a certain view. Even Shakespeare asked, “To be or not to be?” The current system would have put him in an institution or at least given him a good helping of SSRIs. Anyone who’s read anything on existentialism and tries to think philosophically is going to run into a problem.

Not all people who claim suicide are faking. Its a cry for help. ask how they would do it. If they come up with a plan instantly, nine times out of ten they are serious. Its a very selfish act. But some people see no other way. I have known 2 people personally. Know other people who had people commit suicide. Its a tough topic. I wouldn’t ignore it if somebody told me they wanted to. Just had a friend some months ago claim it. made her admit herself. She did, hurt our friendship, but she’s a live.

I disagree that people talk about suicide for attention. Some people really want to get help. If a person is mentally ill and are experiencing suicide thoughts it’s generally not their fault. I think suicide is wrong becuase as you said it greats large emotional problems to their families.

I don’t believe that most people who commit suicide or attempt it are doing it for attention. I have been suicidal before and I didn’t want attention- I wanted to die. One who is suicidal CAN be helped. And yes, it is terrible and selfish, which is why I decided not to commit suicide. Suicide is selfish. The family suffers so much.

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