Teaching my almost 4 year old, numbers and letters?

My son will be 4 the end of april and he doesn’t know his alphabet or his numbers. I feel like I’ve been a bad mother because since it is still really cold here he can’t go outside to play and all he is doing is watching tv or playing video games. I feel like I should be teaching him his letters or…

I wouldn’t approach it as “school.” Make it as natural as possible. Learning should be fun. Point out things in the environment, count out things when you give them to him (cookies, toys, books, etc), use placemats at dinner that show numbers and letters, play with playdoh using number/letter cookie cutters, draw letters and numbers in shaving cream or whipped cream on a cookie sheet (you spray it on the sheet and he uses his fingers to draw), focus on only one or two letters/number per week, etc. I do not recommend flash cards, especially for a kid who is not interested in “school”, because it is not meaningful to him. Tie all the learning into things you would normally do or within play.

Well Since You Are ASking Me I Would Have To Say Teach Them Some Things About Right And Wrong Or You Could Teach Them Things That Could Help Them Out In Life I Know They Really Wouldn’t Understand What You Say But Its easy For Them To know I Hope You Get What I Am Saying??

Well i work for a school system (IT technician, i spend a ton of time in the classroom).
one of the ideas i see that works well in the prek classes is magnetic letters and numbers.
Stick them onto the fridge and have them there all the time. Whenever your in the kitchen point to letters or numbers and ask him what number or letter it is. As a double edge sword, you could teach him colors with the letters and numbers. Once he knows all the letters, you can move onto complex things like words or math statements (like 2+2=4), stuff like that.

I think you need to put letters and numbers into every day life. Constantly drill him on letters and numbers. Ask him what certain letters are on the cereal box, etc.. you can make it easy for him, without forcing him into doing “school”.

You could get him one of those Fisher Price Smart Cycles- it’s the coolest toy ever. (We’re stuck inside too because it’s freezing here.) If he’s going to play video games at least this one is active AND the games focus mostly on letters, numbers, etc. Here’s the website if you haven’t heard of it…


Other than that, just keep reading to him and pointing out letters,etc. He’s not acting very interested right now but if you keep exposing him to a print-rich environment he’ll take notice eventually, don’t worry. =)

the cards are a good idea. also try board games where you roll a die or spin a spinner and have to move that many spaces. try hi-ho cherry-o, where you have to count how many cherries to put on the tree. try games like simon says and have him take ten big steps or jump eight times.

for letters, start writing stuff together. write his name on his artwork or on the door to his room. say the letters as you write them. i-spy for those letters when you’re out. you can do the same for the other letters “M for mom”, etc. Play games where you try to take turns thinking of things that start with the “s” sound. Choose some alphabet or counting books in your nightly read-alouds (but don’t skip the ones with the good stories, either).

Try reading him books based on letters and numbers.

Point out the different letters. Then point to a letter and let him guess. Let him point out the different letters.

Another idea, is to buy movies for toddlers that focus on letters and numbers. Disney makes quite a few different types. At least that way, he would be exposed to it.

Don’t worry if he doesn’t know them before kindergarten. Kindergarten teaches them letters and numbers. But try to expose him to letters and numbers before.

If he enjoys it when you read to him then get some alphabet and counting books. One of my favorite children’s book authors is Sandra Boynton. She has written many enjoyable books. HIPPOS GO BERSERK! (a counting book) and A TO Z (an alphabet book) are among my favorites. Reading these books will help him with number and letter recognition. The silliness of Sandra Boynton is sure to keep your son’s attention.

flash are great for alphabet recognition. buy him an alphabets puzzle tray. that was one thing that really helped my son. buy him a dvd of nursery rhymes which sing the alphabet order and the number order. repitition is what works.

My daughter (probably older than you now) learned a lot from watching Sesame Street. Numbers, letters, words. But each child learns at his or her own rate. Give him the tools (like Sesame Street), but let him learn at his own pace, or you’ll make learning something he hates, and he’ll never want to learn. (If he decides that learning is fun you’ll never be able to stop him from learning.)

One way that helps is with a deck of cards. It teaches him to read and count at the same time.
Did that with my 2 daughters anad it really helped.

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